About Deborah Weisenhaus - founder, event producer and creative person.

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Deborah Weisenhaus is an event producer & space designer and, most of all, an artist. While a student at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Deborah discovered her innate ability to create captivating and inspiring designs. Incorporating various mediums like fabric, paint, light and film turned these installations from art to experiences – flowing and changing as the viewer moved through them. As a student, Deborah learned the importance of creativity, vision and functionality.

Keeping these concepts and principals in mind Deborah worked as a director at a leading Chicago Business School. As the Catering and Design Manager she oversaw the entire event process, from inception to implementation – allowing clients’ visions to become creative, impactful and functional designs. After being commissioned to create large custom backdrops, Deborah founded her own design firm, Art of Imagination. Since 1996 she has been called upon by architects, interior designers and event managers to make their events complete. Deborah’s vast event management experience allows her to design with a critical and artistic eye.

Today, Deborah continues to design with vision, creativity and functionality as the corner stones of every event. Each space Deborah creates continues to reverberate with the same passion for interactivity she learned as a student. She views weddings and events as experiences, unique moments in time – changing and flowing as people move through them. She believes a complete event relies on the relationship between the design, the client and attendees all interacting in perfect harmony. Deborah’s event production services comes with the assurance that your vision will become not just an event but a magical experience. She is often heard saying that “imagination is the beginning of every great event!”