Holiday Event Decor

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let Art of Imagination take corporate holiday decor to the next level

With years of experience in all of the city’s top venues, we create stunning, elegant holiday soirees for numerous clients each year. Recent “Winter Wonderland” theme parties include: Room 1520 for Savo Group, Loft on Lake for UIC and The Trump Tower’s Grand Ballroom for Guggenheim Partners.


For Guggenheim Partners, we transformed the already-stunning Grand Ballroom by focusing on the space’s stunning panoramic views of the city. Hundreds of the firm’s VIP guests enjoyed a silent auction, while sipping from five glow bars and bathed in icy blue light, projected dozens of lights and snowflake GOBO projections. Mercury glass and live winter greens with amber candles provided pockets of warm amber light for the perfect contrast for the party setting.

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