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Art of Imagination’s designers and stylists have worked in every major venue in the city of Chicago, Chicagoland and nation-wide. Our team works with you to find the best match for your special day or event. By listening to your dreams and vision, we can connect you with the perfect space that will highlight and elevate your event’s presence for your guests. Each location has that certain charm, architecture, history, and character that will play a big part in your event. Art of Imagination works with all of these venues to then enhance those details and character through spacial design, lighting and with the use of unique structures.

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Venue Profile: Shedd Aquarium, Wedding Venue

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A Surprising Wedding Venue

Shedd Aquarium Weddings are beautiful, historic and elegant – as the aquarium makes for an unexpected and unique wedding venue. The stately space features massive pillars and exquisite architectural detailing that is brimming with hidden aquatic wildlife in the carvings and decor. The tall, wide-open space which is typically jam-packed with tourists and children, at night, turns stately, grand – a clean slate for a couple or client to transform the space and make it theirs, if only for a night.