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Art of Imagination’s designers and stylists have worked in every major venue in the city of Chicago, Chicagoland and nation-wide. Our team works with you to find the best match for your special day or event. By listening to your dreams and vision, we can connect you with the perfect space that will highlight and elevate your event’s presence for your guests. Each location has that certain charm, architecture, history, and character that will play a big part in your event. Art of Imagination works with all of these venues to then enhance those details and character through spacial design, lighting and with the use of unique structures.

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Venue Profile: ZhouB Art Center

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Venue Partner

Since the Art Center’s opening, we have designed dozens of events.

Moon Gate Capacity

Wedding: 150 Guests
Cocktails: 300 Guests

Spirit Space Capacity

Wedding: 150 Guests
Cocktails: 300 Guests

Life’s Garden Capacity

Wedding: 150 Guests
Cocktails: 200 Guests

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About the Building

Located in the heart of Bridgeport, this venue is endlessly adaptable. Founded in 2003 by the world renowned artists, the Zhou Brothers, it is now home to exhibition spaces, a cafe, galleries and artist studios. The space is well-known for hosting avant-garde art shows and events, hosting both internationally recognized and upcoming artists.

Full Service Event Production

Aside from light & decor, we guide couples to the best choice for their venue and vendor team. Each event is about the flow and composition of the space – contact us today about this venue and see if it’s a match.


Venue Highlights

Zhou B Life Garden

Life Garden

ZbouB Wed Bash

Industry Trade Event