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Fotio Photobooth Photos from the Giveaway Party

May 7th, 2013

We loved having Fotio in our office for the announcement party. The booth-less photo booth was a real blast to have. Fotio took up almost no space, and was ready to take photos within just a few minutes. All night our guests were taking photos with the booth – and seeing the slideshow on the back of the monitor was great too.

Not having to wait for a printout meant we all could take more pictures! Scroll through for some of our favorites, and see the rest of the set on our Facebook page.Fotio Photobooth

Deborah with Juliet Tan.Fotio Photobooth Fotio Photobooth   Fotio Photobooth  Fotio Photobooth Fotio Photobooth Fotio Photobooth

Jeanette, on the right, and her assistant, from Jenny Yoo.Fotio Photobooth

Our lucky winners pose with the big check. They won a $3,300 credit to be used toward any dress from the collection, and either a pin or a sash.Fotio Photobooth

Bethany, a photographer, loved the photo booth too!Fotio PhotoboothFotio PhotoboothThank you, Fotio for a fun & lovely evening.

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