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Our Oscar Party Ideas on ABC7

February 26th, 2013

Our decor ideas were recently featured on ABC7 as part of their DIY Oscar Party planning segment. Click image to watch the segment or scroll through for our decor ideas.

DIY Oscar Party

1. Creating the red carpet and backdrop with props next to it so they can add special touches:
– take photos with guests’ smart phones and post to Instagram
– Winner will be announced for Best Dressed by whoever gets the most likes and/or comments
– Have a red runner (pick up from a party store); backdrop

2. Décor: Candles – candles and more candles
Make custom candles with printed velum inside listing the movies up for Academy Awards.

These are the items you need:
– 1-12″ clear glass cylinder
– 1-frosted vellum paper that already has a color copy of the Oscar statue printed on from a home printer
– LED light which you can buy at a craft store or even Home Depot
– scissors
– double-sided tape
– pencil

You take the vellum and wrap it around the outside of the cylinder to determine the size needed then mark it with a pencil- cut it evenly and with the double sided tape adhere it to the front of the cylinder. Place the glass cylinder upright then drop in the LED light and voila…you have your own illuminate Oscar for the night which can serve as a take home gift!

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