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Sheila & Edward Wedding at Room 1520

February 23rd, 2015

We loved putting together Sheila and Edward’s wedding at the chic Room 1520. Our team at Art of Imagination created the couple’s stunning ceremony setting. Playing off the bare bones of the industrial space, we designed an all-white color concept for this romantic wedding.

The ceremony backdrop for the couple’s wedding was a beautiful and luxurious, soft-white, voile fabric. We pleated and swagged the front layer revealing another light layer of the white voile underneath. Our designers projected a wonderful ethereal glow onto the backdrop.

With proper spatial planning, we were able to utilize one of the venue’s chandeliers as a focal point to the ceremony. The finishing touch was the two artificial tree branches lit on both sides of the ceremony space, creating a romantic focal point for the couple to exchange their vows. To ensure that guests felt included in the experience, our designers lined the ceiling of Room 1520 with Italian globe lights brought the room a bit of romance to compliment the stunning chandeliers throughout.

 // Design + Production: Art of Imagination // Venue: Room 1520 //
// Photo: Euphoria Photography //

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