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Wedding Glossary: Vignette

October 8th, 2012

Vignette is not a word you hear often, and yet for the Creative Team at Art of Imagination, it is essential. With applications in several areas, including literature and photography, we think of the word as a graphic design term – as in decorative designs, often in books, used to separate and decorate sections of books.

In event design, vignettes are essential – in our line of work, they are focal points that create interest at all the various venues we work at – especially larger spaces, such as the modern ZhouB Art Center in Bridgeport or the historic Stan Mansion in Logan Square – so that guests can come to an event and have various areas of interest to keep them busy throughout the night.

An especially good example of this concept is the Mad Men-themed event we created recently at Room 1520 – a modern loft-like space in the West Loop. A networking mixer where guests were invited to dress their 1950’s best – we created a cool & retro lounge setting to match the mood. A fireplace & couches on loan set the mood of the swanky party, acting as both a visual centerpiece & a place for guests to mingle & take a break from dancing.

We carried the theme throughout the space that night – as you can see in the image gallery on our Facebook Page – don’t miss it.


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