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Venue Spotlight: Chicago Cultural Center

October 19th, 2012

Chicago Cultural Center Feature
The Chicago Cultural Center is an amazing architectural gem, right in the heart of downtown Chicago. Opened in 1887, the massive building is a Chicago Landmark building that houses the city’s official reception venue where the Mayor of Chicago has welcomed Presidents and royalty, diplomats and community leaders. Famously the central library building, it was converted to an arts and culture center. The Center is one of the city’s most popular attractions and is considered one of the most comprehensive arts showcases in the United States. The building is also home to the world’s largest Tiffany stained glass dome and a dizzying amount of decorative tile and elaborate, vintage decoration – all details that make it an ideal setting for any wedding, which is why the building is one of the most in-demand wedding venues in the city even as few realize that the space is open to hosting such private functions.

Chicago Cultural Center Wedding
Deborah and our creative team have worked here a number of times – but our most recent wedding here was also a high-profile event – this bride won a contest from the Oprah show to have her wedding documented and profiled on both the Oprah show and online.

Deborah worked directly with the bride to create a stunning, soft and romantic display for her special day – we created a modern lounge setting that would complement the historic setting and we washed the head tables in amber tones, with GOBOs of leaves to match the organic tile work. And for the ceremony, we created an elaborate wedding structure with vintage chandelier crystals that reflected light as the couple stood underneath.

It all came together beautifully. The florals, the food and the decor all made for an unforgettable evening. For more photos, visit our

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  1. We did an outdoor wenddig and an indoor reception in May. We knew it was going to be a toss-up for a May wenddig to be a clear day, but everything worked out! We wanted the wenddig to be outdoors because we love being outside and going on adventures together. Plus, spring is such a beautiful time of year, with flowers blooming and the weather still being mild. It was a gorgeous day too! We loved everything about our outdoors wenddig. We had the reception indoors to have a back-up in case of rain and it was lots easier to plan/set-up for.