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Bridal Fete Chicago 2014

April 8th, 2014

We were overjoyed to be a part of Bridal Fete Chicago. The unique event fuses couture wedding fashion with creative and artistic cake designs.  Deborah, Art of Imagination’s creative director, simply adores the architecture and history of the Fainman Lounge located at Roosevelt University. Inspired by Chicago’s own Frank Lloyd Wright, the beautiful ballrooms, stairwell, and even restrooms are filled with architectural intricacies that simply make us swoon.

The event took place among three separate areas, and our designers were in charge of the Congress Lounge ballroom featuring the #BridalBeautyBar.  To highlight this interactive area, Art of Imagination designers wanted to create a clean soft look to the existing low lit room. Our designers at Art of Imagination draped a luxury white crepe fabric throughout the room from floor to ceiling, creating a modern yet romantic setting.

The #BridalBeautyBar offered brides the opportunity to hold various bouquets designed by some of Chicago’s top florists. Surrounding the tablescape, our wedding structure was designed with custom ivory crepe back satin gathered and cuffed with satin & rhinestone cuffs.

See a list of all the sponsors involved in this year’s Bridal Fete Chicago at their website:

Bridal-Fete-Chicago-Wedding-Trends-Decor_2077 Bridal-Fete-Chicago-Wedding-Trends-Decor_2078 Bridal-Fete-Chicago-Wedding-Trends-Decor_2079 Bridal-Fete-Chicago-Wedding-Trends-Decor_2080 Bridal-Fete-Chicago-Wedding-Trends-Decor_2081 Bridal-Fete-Chicago-Wedding-Trends-Decor_2082 Bridal-Fete-Chicago-Wedding-Trends-Decor_2083 Bridal-Fete-Chicago-Wedding-Trends-Decor_2084 Bridal-Fete-Chicago-Wedding-Trends-Decor_2085 Bridal-Fete-Chicago-Wedding-Trends-Decor_2086

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