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Fleurotica 2014

July 21st, 2014

Fleurotica is an annual event at Garfield Park Conservatory benefitting the Garfield Park Conservatory Alliance  to provide nature education programs, school group visits, arts, culture and early childhood programming for their visitors and groups.  Each year they ask designers and artists to participate in the fashion show to create fashionable outfit made entirely of natural products, such as flowers, plants, leaves, and natural fibers.

Deborah’s inspiration was taken from current trends in fashion with an emphases on movement. We selected our model, Jocelyn and created the dress on how it would flow and move down the runway.  The bodice was made of natural bark to create the elongated waistline, with the top portion in moss and hand-glued floral buttons, creating a polka dot effect. We also brought the same pattern down to the shoes! The skirt bounced with each step the model took; peek-a-boo white flowers were layered at the bottom for a soft lacy look.

For brides, the back of the dress is equally as important as the front. Deborah designed the low-cut back with a peacock tail, creating a train, accenting the model’s natural beauty and body type. These features accentuated her elegance with each step.

Deborah also created a blusher hat with fully-open garden roses and bear grass that tilted on the side of Jocelyn’s head, expressing her confidence.


Chicago-Fashion-Show-Decor-Production_2777 Chicago-Fashion-Show-Decor-Production_2776 Chicago-Fashion-Show-Decor-Production_2778Chicago-Fashion-Show-Decor-Production_2780
Chicago-Fashion-Show-Decor-Production_2781 Chicago-Fashion-Show-Decor-Production_2779

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Brides Choice Event, Room 1520

April 22nd, 2014

The Brides’s Choice Event hosted by Room 1520 invited designers, paired with planners, to create unique and inspirational settings, ultimately voted upon by the brides themselves. Our design team at Art of Imagination was paired with our dear friend Anthony Navarro of Liven It Up Events. Our space to create was the bridal Head Table. Since Room 1520 is a clean, white canvas, we created an urban outdoor setting bringing nature indoors, with the added essences of chic enchantment.

Birch trees that Art of Imagination often uses, framed the couple and brought in a Spring-like color when we added the cherry blossoms and other pink flowers. The elegant, white voile fabric added an airy lightness, while the diffused white light behind provided the sunny happiness.  The essence of enchantment was a subtle touch, accomplished using a projection of crystal white water waves. The magical ambiance could be felt immediately. To ground this etherial setting, we incorporated one of our grandiose chandeliers with hanging crystals.

In collaboration with Liven It Up Events, Windy City Linen, and Tablescapes our designers personally selected the glassware, flatware, tableware, and other couture rentals that brought the whole tablescape together. Deborah customized the fold on the luxury napkins to include tiny details inspired by the glassware, china, and florals. She tied each with fresh greenery and accented with a galax formed flower nestled inside. Speaking of flowers, Deborah and Anthony both ventured to the wholesale florist to choose the Spring favorites that completed the look. From magnolia tips to seeded eucalyptus, galax leaves were selected, as well as the lovely and vividly fuchsia agonis. Fresh greenery was displayed throughout, from the accents in the small black basket at each place setting (repurposed from Deborah‘s Flower and Garden Show set-up) to the bountiful garland edging the table, beautifully placed and fluffed by Anthony.

The vintage farmwood table is a repurposed piece of furniture from Art of Imagination‘s personal collection, as well as the damask dining chairs. The gorgeous, charcoal studded bench was on loan from Platinum Events and give a unique options to our newlyweds for their sweetheart table seating.

All in all, the challenge was enjoyed by our entire team and it was so much fun collaborating with our fellow industry friends to create this whimsical outdoor/indoor setting. And, as the cherry on top, our beautiful head-table setting won the event’s competition! We are blessed and so grateful to be designated as the Bride’s Choice! Thank you to everyone involved in the makings of this luxurious setting, the event itself and everyone on our Art of Imagination staff. Can’t wait to see what next year will bring!

Brides-Choice-Design-Style-Chicago-2014_2300 Brides-Choice-Design-Style-Chicago-2014_2299
Brides-Choice-Design-Style-Chicago-2014_2301 Brides-Choice-Design-Style-Chicago-2014_2302 Brides-Choice-Design-Style-Chicago-2014_2303 Brides-Choice-Design-Style-Chicago-2014_2304 Brides-Choice-Design-Style-Chicago-2014_2305 Brides-Choice-Design-Style-Chicago-2014_2306 Brides-Choice-Design-Style-Chicago-2014_2307 Brides-Choice-Design-Style-Chicago-2014_2308 Brides-Choice-Design-Style-Chicago-2014_2309 Brides-Choice-Design-Style-Chicago-2014_2310 Brides-Choice-Design-Style-Chicago-2014_2311

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Bridal Fete Chicago 2014

April 8th, 2014

We were overjoyed to be a part of Bridal Fete Chicago. The unique event fuses couture wedding fashion with creative and artistic cake designs.  Deborah, Art of Imagination’s creative director, simply adores the architecture and history of the Fainman Lounge located at Roosevelt University. Inspired by Chicago’s own Frank Lloyd Wright, the beautiful ballrooms, stairwell, and even restrooms are filled with architectural intricacies that simply make us swoon.

The event took place among three separate areas, and our designers were in charge of the Congress Lounge ballroom featuring the #BridalBeautyBar.  To highlight this interactive area, Art of Imagination designers wanted to create a clean soft look to the existing low lit room. Our designers at Art of Imagination draped a luxury white crepe fabric throughout the room from floor to ceiling, creating a modern yet romantic setting.

The #BridalBeautyBar offered brides the opportunity to hold various bouquets designed by some of Chicago’s top florists. Surrounding the tablescape, our wedding structure was designed with custom ivory crepe back satin gathered and cuffed with satin & rhinestone cuffs.

See a list of all the sponsors involved in this year’s Bridal Fete Chicago at their website:

Bridal-Fete-Chicago-Wedding-Trends-Decor_2077 Bridal-Fete-Chicago-Wedding-Trends-Decor_2078 Bridal-Fete-Chicago-Wedding-Trends-Decor_2079 Bridal-Fete-Chicago-Wedding-Trends-Decor_2080 Bridal-Fete-Chicago-Wedding-Trends-Decor_2081 Bridal-Fete-Chicago-Wedding-Trends-Decor_2082 Bridal-Fete-Chicago-Wedding-Trends-Decor_2083 Bridal-Fete-Chicago-Wedding-Trends-Decor_2084 Bridal-Fete-Chicago-Wedding-Trends-Decor_2085 Bridal-Fete-Chicago-Wedding-Trends-Decor_2086

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FORM: Art + Floral

March 20th, 2014

Our creative juices are bubbling over as we think of all the artistic talents that are going to be in one room. Our friends at Natural Beauties Floral and the amazing Reenie Rose are hosting a unique one-of-a-kind event at Room 1520 (in the West Loop) in just a few weeks. By pairing artists and floral designers together, watch as petals meet canvas in this showcase event.


From the Invite:

FORM: ART + Floral

The only event of its kind in the Chicago area, FORM pairs florists with artists to create an inspired arrangement that reflects a collaboration between two distinct and creative fields. Browse the gallery while enjoying hors d’oeuvres, cocktails and music. This year’s fundraising efforts will go to support Snow City Arts, a Chicago non-profit organization that provides arts education to children in hospitals ( A $10 donation is requested. April 9th. 6-9pm. At Room 1520, 301 N. Justine St., 312.846.6297

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IndieWed 2014 :: Lounge Setting

March 13th, 2014

IndieWed 2014 was beautiful. The annual bridal event took place in the vintage Ravenswood Art Center earlier this year. Partnering with Naturally Yours Events and other fabulous Chicago talents, we transformed the 3rd floor space into a vaudeville-inspired carnival with a lounge area.

The theatrical lounge area, appropriately entitled Cirque de L’Amour, wasn’t complete with a sweeping red curtain and performance area. As a creative touch, our designers incorporated floating parasols from Bella Umbrella of different patterns in front of the floor to ceiling industrial windows.

See more great photos from this lounge at Naturally Yours Events blog!

Lounge-Decor-Indie-Wed-2014_1817 Lounge-Decor-Indie-Wed-2014_1818 Lounge-Decor-Indie-Wed-2014_1823Lounge-Decor-Indie-Wed-2014_1824

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