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Monika & Dennis’ Stan Mansion Wedding

March 2nd, 2015

Monika and Dennis’ wedding was set in one of our favorite venues in Chicago, Stan Mansion. With its classic style and rich architecture, our designers at Art of Imagination were able to create a romantic look by adding custom fabric and lighting.

For a more intimate setting in the mansion’s large room, we lined both sides of the ballroom with a beautiful pleated ivory fabric. The floor-to-ceiling draping was just the right touch adding a softness to the existing interior architecture.

On the stage our team designed a custom chuppah reflecting the design of the bride’s wedding dress.Elegant white voile fabric was swagged open with designer crystal cuffs and up lit with a pure white illumination.

To bring the entire look together from ceremony to reception, we bathed the ballroom with a candle light glow to compliment the venue’s golden color scheme. We were delighted to be a part of their perfect day and work with such great vendors. And, of course, a big shout out to Jason for capturing this beautiful day in these stunning images!

// VENDORS // 
// Venue: Stan Mansion // Fabric & Lighting: Art of Imagination // Catering: LaMirage //
// Photo: Jason Kaczorowski Photography // Music: DJ Kesh //

Chicago-Wedding-Design-Production-Draping_1038 Chicago-Wedding-Design-Production-Draping_1039 Chicago-Wedding-Design-Production-Draping_1040 Chicago-Wedding-Design-Production-Draping_1041 Chicago-Wedding-Design-Production-Draping_1042 Chicago-Wedding-Design-Production-Draping_1043 Chicago-Wedding-Design-Production-Draping_1044 Chicago-Wedding-Design-Production-Draping_1045 Chicago-Wedding-Design-Production-Draping_1046 Chicago-Wedding-Design-Production-Draping_1047 Chicago-Wedding-Design-Production-Draping_1048 Chicago-Wedding-Design-Production-Draping_1049 Chicago-Wedding-Design-Production-Draping_1050 Chicago-Wedding-Design-Production-Draping_1051 Chicago-Wedding-Design-Production-Draping_1052 Chicago-Wedding-Design-Production-Draping_1053 Chicago-Wedding-Design-Production-Draping_1054 Chicago-Wedding-Design-Production-Draping_1055 Chicago-Wedding-Design-Production-Draping_1056 Chicago-Wedding-Design-Production-Draping_1057 Chicago-Wedding-Design-Production-Draping_1058

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HubStudio Loft Opening

February 25th, 2015

If you haven’t heard, HubStudio Loft in the West Loop of Chicago just opened! Art of Imagination was able to design a space in this unique venue that offers different floors (levels) that can be utilized for the same event. They even have a room, where we created the winter wonderland that has a curved inset all white wall that can be used as a green room for video or photo production. Overall it is a very versatile space, exactly the type of venue that we love to design for couples.

For the opening of HubStudio Loft approached us wanting a celebration of all the seasons. Winter can be tough on everyone in Chicago, they felt like this time of year everyone is desperate for a little break from the cold and we couldn’t agree more! They thought it would be a fun way to shake things up a bit and would show off how different each of the spaces within the venue is.

We worked off this to create our winter wonderland design, we started with sky blue uplighting to give set the room in a blue hue. We included white branches with led lights to create that sparkle feel in winter. In the walkway area we hung strands of cafe lights on dimmers in order to create that indoor outdoor feel. For the final touches we cast down blue shadows of winter tree branches it truly was a winter wonderland and all that HubStudio Loft wanted for their first grand reveal!

This venue is perfect for a couple looking for an open space to create and design their dream wedding! We are looking forward to spring when we can see all their outdoor space will bring to Chicago couples!

Wedding-Design-Art-Imagination-Chicago_0387 Wedding-Design-Art-Imagination-Chicago_0413 Wedding-Design-Art-Imagination-Chicago_0412 Wedding-Design-Art-Imagination-Chicago_0411 Wedding-Design-Art-Imagination-Chicago_0410 Wedding-Design-Art-Imagination-Chicago_0409 Wedding-Design-Art-Imagination-Chicago_0408 Wedding-Design-Art-Imagination-Chicago_0407 Wedding-Design-Art-Imagination-Chicago_0406 Wedding-Design-Art-Imagination-Chicago_0405 Wedding-Design-Art-Imagination-Chicago_0404 Wedding-Design-Art-Imagination-Chicago_0403 Wedding-Design-Art-Imagination-Chicago_0402 Wedding-Design-Art-Imagination-Chicago_0401 Wedding-Design-Art-Imagination-Chicago_0400 Wedding-Design-Art-Imagination-Chicago_0399 Wedding-Design-Art-Imagination-Chicago_0398 Wedding-Design-Art-Imagination-Chicago_0397 Wedding-Design-Art-Imagination-Chicago_0396 Wedding-Design-Art-Imagination-Chicago_0395 Wedding-Design-Art-Imagination-Chicago_0394 Wedding-Design-Art-Imagination-Chicago_0393 Wedding-Design-Art-Imagination-Chicago_0392 Wedding-Design-Art-Imagination-Chicago_0391 Wedding-Design-Art-Imagination-Chicago_0390 Wedding-Design-Art-Imagination-Chicago_0389 Wedding-Design-Art-Imagination-Chicago_0388

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IndieWed 2015

February 18th, 2015

Art of Imagination was asked to collaborate with the wonderful Katie Jayne Events for a one-of a kind wedding show called Indie Wed. This show is one of Chicago’s biggest weddings shows that showcases brilliant work from many independent vendors. We were thrilled when Katie asked us to assist her with creating a space in the top floor of the Ravenswood Art Center. We transformed the space into a state of Zen for the couples to enjoy while sipping on bright libations in our mystically alluring Moroccan cabana.

We created the Moroccan cabana and set the space lighting ambiance with globe lights above and adding Katie Jayne’s many feet of handmade paper garland that we placed in-between the strings of lights. This custom cabana was created with furniture pieces that came from the town of Casablanca, Morocco from our Art of Imagination collection. The structure itself was made of a soft sheer white fabric that was back light with globe lights. A gold roof above was accented with metallic and lavender beads and gold fringe.

I’m sure as the couples walked through the space could envision their own VIP space at their impending nuptials.

// VENDORS // 
// Fabric, Lighting & Lounge Area Rentals: Art of Imagination //
// Venue: Ravenswood Event Center // Event Planner: Katie Jayne Events //
// Catering: Publican Quality Meats // Cake: Elysia Root Cakes //
// Other Rentals: Bowery and Bash and Chicago Farm Tables //
// Flowers: Fox Glove Studio // Paper Details: Layers of Loveliness //

IndieWed-2015-Lounge-Design-Art-Imagination-Chicago_0414 IndieWed-2015-Lounge-Design-Art-Imagination-Chicago_0415 IndieWed-2015-Lounge-Design-Art-Imagination-Chicago_0416 IndieWed-2015-Lounge-Design-Art-Imagination-Chicago_0417 IndieWed-2015-Lounge-Design-Art-Imagination-Chicago_0418 IndieWed-2015-Lounge-Design-Art-Imagination-Chicago_0419 IndieWed-2015-Lounge-Design-Art-Imagination-Chicago_0420 IndieWed-2015-Lounge-Design-Art-Imagination-Chicago_0421 IndieWed-2015-Lounge-Design-Art-Imagination-Chicago_0422 IndieWed-2015-Lounge-Design-Art-Imagination-Chicago_0423

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Susan & Matt’s Wedding at The Ivy Room

February 16th, 2015

Creating Susan and Matt’s intimate, romantic wedding was fun!  We started with the simple elegance of The Ivy Room, one of Chicago’s most beautiful wedding venues. The fabric draping and lighting, provided by our team at Art of Imagination, was a perfect backdrop to the classic features of the venue, and paired nicely with the couple’s color palette of eggplant and burgundy.

The main room was set with amber up lighting to enhance the romantic feel. We projected  a candle-like golden color onto the beautiful backdrop of luxurious and shimmering satin fabric.  To complete the design, we created a custom “summer budding leaf” pattern effect on the walls, complimenting the overall ambiance.

The white and burgundy floral paired with the ivory linens and tan napkins were simply stunning alongside the amber toned candles. One of our favorite details, was the table signage that displayed the couple’s favorite places they had visited. Their guest book was also unique; Susan and Matt displayed the classic game of Jenga, having each guest write their well wishes on the pieces. Detail to detail, everything was exactly as Susan and Matt had envisioned for their dream wedding.

// Event Planning: Livin It Up Events // Venue: The Ivy Room //
// Design, Lighting and Fabric: Art of Imagination //
// Cake Bakery: Elysia Root Cakes // Florals: Juliet Tan Floral Design //
// Photo: Olivia Leigh Photographie //

Ivy-Room-Wedding-Event-Production_0299 Ivy-Room-Wedding-Event-Production_0298 Ivy-Room-Wedding-Event-Production_0302 Ivy-Room-Wedding-Event-Production_0301 Ivy-Room-Wedding-Event-Production_0300 Ivy-Room-Wedding-Event-Production_0304 Ivy-Room-Wedding-Event-Production_0305 Ivy-Room-Wedding-Event-Production_0303 Ivy-Room-Wedding-Event-Production_0306 Ivy-Room-Wedding-Event-Production_0307

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2014 Corporate Holiday Party

January 15th, 2015

Guests entered through a long hallway, leading into the 6th floor event space. They then encountered swags of globe lights shimmering between winter garland adorned with natural berries and acorns. The whole setting was very enchanting! It was the 2014 Holiday Party for employees and guests of a large Chicago corporation.

Art of Imagination was fortunate to work with these clients, creating a magical winter garden with a three-piece band, passed hors d’oeuvres, and elegant cocktails. To help with the room’s flow, we placed both high-top tables and cabaret rounds throughout the space, all featuring fresh greens and candles.  The VIP tables also included special floral arrangements with fresh winter florals, berries, and snowy branches. It was a beautiful event, and we were thrilled to be a part of it.

// Venue: Company Offices // Event Production: Art of Imagination //
// Catering: Wolfgang Puck // Photos: Carasco Photography //






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Paper Crane Ceremony

November 13th, 2014

Wedding Ceremonies are getting more and more creative… and we love it! One of our most recent couples, Heather and David, worked with our designers to create a personalized wedding structure. The custom ceremony backdrop included soft voile linens draped behind a wall of more than 300 paper cranes. The origami birds represented part of the brides’ culture and heritage.

To complete the runway look, organic florals and pedestals were placed as anchors on both sides of the aisle. We also placed large paper lanterns high above the aisle, creating a playful sense as guests walked in.

AOI-Paper-Crane-Wedding-Ceremony1 AOI-Paper-Crane-Wedding-Ceremony2 AOI-Paper-Crane-Wedding-Ceremony3 AOI-Paper-Crane-Wedding-Ceremony4 AOI-Paper-Crane-Wedding-Ceremony5

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Nazanin & Farzad’s Dream Wedding

November 10th, 2014

Creating Nazanin & Farzad’s dream wedding was truly a team effort. From choosing the right venue to the talented vendors, everything had to fall into place perfectly… and it did! The  Peninsula Hotel provided the perfect canvas for the lush backdrops, romantic lighting and luxe draping.

As each guest entered the ceremony, we created a wonderful glow with candles, leading them down the stairs. They were welcomed by the beautiful ivory crepe back satin fabric swaged open. Inside the ballroom, the walls were accented with tall fabric panels polished by a diffused light that created the enchanting atmosphere.

At the focal point of the room, we covered a large stage and added a luxurious ceremony structure that allowed all of the guests to experience the traditions of the two families. From flower garlands, to custom monogrammed light patterns, the entire setting was filled with embellishments that meant the world to the bride and groom as they celebrated with family and friends.

To see the entire vision come together, watch the production video here:

VENDORSKai-Duc Luong | KDL Productions // Greg Stephen Reigh // Marcin Tomaszczyk // Heather Stone Photography// Kristina Taheri // Juliet Tan Floral Design //  Art of Imagination // Crizen Hasewaga // Peninsula Hotel


Traditional-Wedding-Ceremony-Decor-Chicago_0097 Traditional-Wedding-Ceremony-Decor-Chicago_0092 Traditional-Wedding-Ceremony-Decor-Chicago_0093 Traditional-Wedding-Ceremony-Decor-Chicago_0094 Traditional-Wedding-Ceremony-Decor-Chicago_0095 Traditional-Wedding-Ceremony-Decor-Chicago_0096 Traditional-Wedding-Ceremony-Decor-Chicago_0098 Traditional-Wedding-Ceremony-Decor-Chicago_0099 Traditional-Wedding-Ceremony-Decor-Chicago_0100 Traditional-Wedding-Ceremony-Decor-Chicago_0101 Traditional-Wedding-Ceremony-Decor-Chicago_0102 Traditional-Wedding-Ceremony-Decor-Chicago_0103 Traditional-Wedding-Ceremony-Decor-Chicago_0104 Traditional-Wedding-Ceremony-Decor-Chicago_0105 Traditional-Wedding-Ceremony-Decor-Chicago_0106 Traditional-Wedding-Ceremony-Decor-Chicago_0107 Traditional-Wedding-Ceremony-Decor-Chicago_0108 Traditional-Wedding-Ceremony-Decor-Chicago_0109 Traditional-Wedding-Ceremony-Decor-Chicago_0110 Traditional-Wedding-Ceremony-Decor-Chicago_0111 Traditional-Wedding-Ceremony-Decor-Chicago_0112 Traditional-Wedding-Ceremony-Decor-Chicago_0113 Traditional-Wedding-Ceremony-Decor-Chicago_0114 Traditional-Wedding-Ceremony-Decor-Chicago_0115 Traditional-Wedding-Ceremony-Decor-Chicago_0116 Traditional-Wedding-Ceremony-Decor-Chicago_0117 Traditional-Wedding-Ceremony-Decor-Chicago_0118 Traditional-Wedding-Ceremony-Decor-Chicago_0119 Traditional-Wedding-Ceremony-Decor-Chicago_0120 Traditional-Wedding-Ceremony-Decor-Chicago_0121 Traditional-Wedding-Ceremony-Decor-Chicago_0122 Traditional-Wedding-Ceremony-Decor-Chicago_0123Traditional-Wedding-Ceremony-Decor-Chicago_0089 Traditional-Wedding-Ceremony-Decor-Chicago_0090



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Lindsey & Jon’s Wedding @ Room1520

November 5th, 2014

The bride’s style was simple yet overlaid with a modern elegance….the natural light that filter through the inner voile drapery and the hanging teardrop crystals above added a wonderful ethereal feel for the ceremony. Later the up lighting in a soft candle like amber shimmered on the ivory crepe back satin drapes that were swaged open framing the sweetheart table setting.

VENDORS: Art of Imagination: Luxury Fabric backdrops & Lighting // Venue: Room 1520 // ​Caterer: Calihan Catering -Todd // Day of Planner: Event Less Ordinary-Carolyn // DJ: Style Matters-Spencer

View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More:

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Holiday Party Styled Shoot at Chez

October 30th, 2014

The contemporary setting of this space with the minimal yet stunning architectural design was the perfect match for this collaboration. The theme was creating a modern enchanted winter atmosphere with a touch of sparkle and fun.

By combining wood elements in the design with the tables and chairs this offered an organic nature feel. The farm tables made the perfect setting for the gold and white chinaware with the linen napkins tied with fresh seasonal foliage which offered a slight fragrance reminisce of the holidays. Table decor doesn’t have to be about flowers as the focal so we incorporated greens, berries, white painted branches with a collection of clean and gold votives for a warm glow.

For a playful use of the taller ceiling we hung white tree branches with floating gold and platinum glass ornament balls over the tables and larger white round balloons at different heights.  Lighting is always an important element as it helps set the mood. White glowing circles were projected onto the balloons and surroundings to help add that perfect touch.

Creating the right signature bar at every party is always a challenge. To keep with the same theme, two wooden farm highboy tables were placed together for a champagne station that displayed a triple cream goat brie with rosemary bread from a local bakery, petite grapes and of course delicious bottles of Champagne. A Holiday greeting was displayed on a blackboard easel surrounded with gold glitter painted leaves. Behind the bar, tiers of white vertical thin branches twinkled from white LED lights woven throughout to add that magical sparkle next to Chez‘s beautiful glass staircase.

Planning Corporate Holiday parties can be fun keeping to a simple yet creative theme, knowing your budget and selecting that perfect venue. Chez offers such a clean and modern palette that you can let your imagination be adventurous.

Vendors:  Venue: Chez // Design + Decor  Art of Imagination // Photographer- Amanda Hein // Rentals  Tablescape Chicago Party Rentals // Balloons  Balloons by Tommy

Corporate-Holiday-Decor-Party-Event-Chicago_0006 Corporate-Holiday-Decor-Party-Event-Chicago_0007 Corporate-Holiday-Decor-Party-Event-Chicago_0008 Corporate-Holiday-Decor-Party-Event-Chicago_0009 Corporate-Holiday-Decor-Party-Event-Chicago_0010 Corporate-Holiday-Decor-Party-Event-Chicago_0011 Corporate-Holiday-Decor-Party-Event-Chicago_0012 Corporate-Holiday-Decor-Party-Event-Chicago_0013 Corporate-Holiday-Decor-Party-Event-Chicago_0014
Corporate-Holiday-Decor-Party-Event-Chicago_0016 Corporate-Holiday-Decor-Party-Event-Chicago_0017 Corporate-Holiday-Decor-Party-Event-Chicago_0018 Corporate-Holiday-Decor-Party-Event-Chicago_0019 Corporate-Holiday-Decor-Party-Event-Chicago_0020 Corporate-Holiday-Decor-Party-Event-Chicago_0021 Corporate-Holiday-Decor-Party-Event-Chicago_0022
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Michaela & Terrell’s Love Shines at Bridgeport Art Center

October 4th, 2014

Terrell and Michaela had such loving energy and wanted to share their feeling for each other with their guest. They loved how cafe globe lights always gives such an enchanted warm feeling so they had us design and install strands above the guest tables for an intimate glow.

The alter for their ceremony was designed with two layers of sheer white volie with white twinkling lights in between creating the perfect backdrop for the ceremony later to be repurposed for the sweetheart table.

The groom, made the “Love” marquee sign inspired by Robert Indiana to express his love for his bride. Michaela, in turn, surprised Terrell by having his sport’s jersey on a pulley system we designed that as they enter the room for the reception they will pull it up together.

The dancing area was placed by the east widows so as it became dusk you could see the city’s fabulous view and to complete the look we added sky blue lighting onto the brick creating an organic texture.

Vendors: Venue: Bridgeport Art Center // Space Placement + Lighting + Fabric Treatment: Art of Imagination // Caterer: Beyond Events // Photos: Adam Novak 

KIND WORDS FROM THE BRIDE: “Terrell and I just wanted to say thanks again to you, Deborah, and all of your staff! We had high expectations for what you guys would do, and we were blown away!!!!!!!!! Everything was as magical as we expected and we can’t thank you guys enough for making our space so beautiful, and SO us!!! We attached a few pictures that you guys can use to show other clients, if you want. Thank you again!”


Chicago-Wedding-Design-Twinkle-Lights_0000 Chicago-Wedding-Design-Twinkle-Lights_0001 Chicago-Wedding-Design-Twinkle-Lights_0002 Chicago-Wedding-Design-Twinkle-Lights_0003

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[VIDEO] Nazanin & Farzad’s Wedding

September 28th, 2014

Wedding video:

Vendors: Kai-Duc Luong | KDL Productions // Greg Stephen Reigh // Marcin Tomaszczyk // Heather Stone Photography// Kristina Taheri // Juliet Tan Floral Design //  Art of Imagination // Crizen Hasewaga // Peninsula Hotel

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Katie & Greg, Ignite Studios Wedding

September 22nd, 2014

Katie and Greg have such an illuminating love! And, our job was to resinate that illumination and love with their guests for their late summer wedding this year.

In preparation, we visited Ignite Studios in Chicago’s West Loop with the couple and their wedding coordinator, Joan from Five Grain Events. The cool palette in the main room, the natural setting outdoors, the stunning rooftop view, the venue was the perfect choice accented by the most exquisite array of colorful blown glass artwork.

For the day-of design, Deborah and her team of creatives started by adding luminous strands of Italian globe lights angling down from the roof. To complete the enchanting look, the lights were set on dimmers for a romantic feel way into the evening.

The soft illumination of globe lighting continued inside, to add that extra softness and to lower the ceiling throughout the main room. White asian lanterns of various sizes were hung at different heights to give a whimsical and playful look.

As the guests entered the venue, they felt that illuminating love as they looked across the yard and saw the continuity of lights through the venue’s large window walls.

Vendors: Ignite Studios // Art of Imagination // Five Grain Events // Katie Kett Photography

Wedding-Ceremony-Design-Ignite-Studios_3503 Wedding-Ceremony-Design-Ignite-Studios_3505 Wedding-Ceremony-Design-Ignite-Studios_3506 Wedding-Ceremony-Design-Ignite-Studios_3507 Wedding-Ceremony-Design-Ignite-Studios_3508 Wedding-Ceremony-Design-Ignite-Studios_3509

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Emily & Joel, Room 1520

September 2nd, 2014

Emily and Joel were married this past August at Room 1520 in Chicago’s West Loop. The bride’s style was organic, yet clean and minimal. For them, we created a unique, simple, yet rustic ambiance. A natural branch arch created with birch trees and curly willows was centered against our white sheer voile, perfectly positioned in front of large glass windows to naturally illuminate the setting. As the evening sun set, the two diffused lighting units behind the fabric allowed the etherial setting to glow far into the night. Asian lanterns and small candles hung from above, adding an additional touch of sparkle as the evening progressed.

It was a beautiful wedding and the bride and groom could not have been more gracious. After the event, we received this sweet note from Emily:

“Thank you for creating the perfect ambiance for our wedding at Room 1520 last week. We couldn’t be more thrilled with the outcome of all the details. Thank you for seeing our vision and for adding all your special touches. It was a night we will never forget and our pictures turned out beautifully!”

Emily & Joel

Art of Imagination // Room 1520 // Katie Kett Photography // D’Absolute Catering // Toast & Jam DJs // Elysia Root Cakes

Wedding-Design-Ceremony-Decor_2857 Wedding-Design-Ceremony-Decor_2858 Wedding-Design-Ceremony-Decor_2859 Wedding-Design-Ceremony-Decor_2860 Wedding-Design-Ceremony-Decor_2861 Wedding-Design-Ceremony-Decor_2862 Wedding-Design-Ceremony-Decor_2863 Wedding-Design-Ceremony-Decor_2864 Wedding-Design-Ceremony-Decor_2865 Wedding-Design-Ceremony-Decor_2866 Wedding-Design-Ceremony-Decor_2867 Wedding-Design-Ceremony-Decor_2868 Wedding-Design-Ceremony-Decor_2869 Wedding-Design-Ceremony-Decor_2870 Wedding-Design-Ceremony-Decor_2871 Wedding-Design-Ceremony-Decor_2872

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Origami Wedding Details at Chicago’s Chez

August 11th, 2014

Our favorite brides are those that incorporate their own personal creativity into their special day. From the origami place cards to the several hundreds of paper cranes hanging at the altar, this wedding had all types of personal touches.

After a last-minute venue change, our bride and groom hosted their special day at the beautiful new Chez.Our team at Art of Imagination used floor-to-ceiling drapery to guide guests through the open floor plan and lighting accents to illuminate a soft sky blue on to the white-washed walls.

Citygirl Weddings // Art of Imagination // AFR furniture rental (bars) // Chez // David Turner Photography // Floral was her Aunt from Wisconsin // D’absolute Catering

Chicago-Chez-Wedding-Decor-Drapery_2732 Chicago-Chez-Wedding-Decor-Drapery_2733 Chicago-Chez-Wedding-Decor-Drapery_2734 Chicago-Chez-Wedding-Decor-Drapery_2735 Chicago-Chez-Wedding-Decor-Drapery_2736 Chicago-Chez-Wedding-Decor-Drapery_2737 Chicago-Chez-Wedding-Decor-Drapery_2738 Chicago-Chez-Wedding-Decor-Drapery_2739 Chicago-Chez-Wedding-Decor-Drapery_2740 Chicago-Chez-Wedding-Decor-Drapery_2741 Chicago-Chez-Wedding-Decor-Drapery_2742 Chicago-Chez-Wedding-Decor-Drapery_2743 Chicago-Chez-Wedding-Decor-Drapery_2744 Chicago-Chez-Wedding-Decor-Drapery_2745 Chicago-Chez-Wedding-Decor-Drapery_2746 Chicago-Chez-Wedding-Decor-Drapery_2747 Chicago-Chez-Wedding-Decor-Drapery_2748

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Payal’s Fusion Wedding at Harold Washington Library

August 4th, 2014

Payal and Justin’s special day included many intricate details that the bride had hands on with all the selections. Payal worked with Deborah directly on the design with her majestic color palette of deep purples and metallic silvers seen below.  (Click here to read more about Deborah and Payal’s trip to the fabric store).

The focal point of the ceremony also acted as the prefect setting for their sweetheart table during the reception. Payal and Justin were such a fun and vibrant couples, much like their color palette and decor suggest. Justin even planned a surprise dance routine for Payal, click here to view the video! All in all it was a beautiful day and these images coulndn’t be more spectacular; big thank you to Payal, Justin, and Cathy and David Photography for sharing these images with us.

Art of Imagination // Cathy and David Photography // Harold Washington Library

Indian-Fusion-Wedding-Harold-Washington-Library_2718 Indian-Fusion-Wedding-Harold-Washington-Library_2719 Indian-Fusion-Wedding-Harold-Washington-Library_2720 Indian-Fusion-Wedding-Harold-Washington-Library_2721 Indian-Fusion-Wedding-Harold-Washington-Library_2722 Indian-Fusion-Wedding-Harold-Washington-Library_2723 Indian-Fusion-Wedding-Harold-Washington-Library_2724 Indian-Fusion-Wedding-Harold-Washington-Library_2725 Indian-Fusion-Wedding-Harold-Washington-Library_2726


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Joel & Ashley, Loft on Lake

July 16th, 2014

Our team creates many events at Loft on Lake, but it was a true honor to be asked by the owner of the venue to take the lead on their son’s wedding. As personal friends of Deborah she offered her guidance with the planning process throughout. Joel and Ashley chose a very chic yet romantic feel with the style of the design. Their color palette was a minimal white, diffused soft amber, and an enchanting magenta purple hue that was introduced during the reception.

The team at Art of Imagination brought in romantic chandeliers, hung with more than 1,500 crystals beads. An extensive use of custom luxury draping adorned the walls to soften the space, creating a more minimal and delicate look to the urban loft setting.

The ceremony had a etherial glow especially with the existing overhead skylight for Ashley and Joel to exchange their vows. As the room changed over for the reception the energy emerged from the magenta lighting and the 100 hanging candles floating over the dance floor. It was such a pleasure to create for them and to have the bride express her happiness with such love touched my heart…to have shared such a special moment meant so much to myself and our entire team!

Loft on Lake //  Art of Imagination //  Lofty Wedding Photography // J&L Catering // Juliet Tan Floral Design // Luscious Layers // Style Matters // KGA Garrett Associates

Chicago-LoftOnLake-Wedding-Decor-Coordination_2750 Chicago-LoftOnLake-Wedding-Decor-Coordination_2751 Chicago-LoftOnLake-Wedding-Decor-Coordination_2752 Chicago-LoftOnLake-Wedding-Decor-Coordination_2753 Chicago-LoftOnLake-Wedding-Decor-Coordination_2766 Chicago-LoftOnLake-Wedding-Decor-Coordination_2770 Chicago-LoftOnLake-Wedding-Decor-Coordination_2754 Chicago-LoftOnLake-Wedding-Decor-Coordination_2769 Chicago-LoftOnLake-Wedding-Decor-Coordination_2767 Chicago-LoftOnLake-Wedding-Decor-Coordination_2755 Chicago-LoftOnLake-Wedding-Decor-Coordination_2756 Chicago-LoftOnLake-Wedding-Decor-Coordination_2757 Chicago-LoftOnLake-Wedding-Decor-Coordination_2758 Chicago-LoftOnLake-Wedding-Decor-Coordination_2759 Chicago-LoftOnLake-Wedding-Decor-Coordination_2760 Chicago-LoftOnLake-Wedding-Decor-Coordination_2761 Chicago-LoftOnLake-Wedding-Decor-Coordination_2762 Chicago-LoftOnLake-Wedding-Decor-Coordination_2763 Chicago-LoftOnLake-Wedding-Decor-Coordination_2771 Chicago-LoftOnLake-Wedding-Decor-Coordination_2764 Chicago-LoftOnLake-Wedding-Decor-Coordination_2765 Chicago-LoftOnLake-Wedding-Decor-Coordination_2772 Chicago-LoftOnLake-Wedding-Decor-Coordination_2773 Chicago-LoftOnLake-Wedding-Decor-Coordination_2774

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Indian Fusion Wedding at Rookery in Chicago

July 7th, 2014

A stunning Indian Fusion Wedding was created at the historical Rookery building in the old financial district. The bride, Dena and the groom,Tanuj wanted to incorporate the traditions of a Western and Hindu ceremony.

The light court offer an amazing palette of the gold and ivory within the architectural design that would accented their selection of bold colors they brought in with the bridal attire and flowers with harmony.

Our design team meticulously draped the entire space covering the existing store front windows to soften the interiors and making it more intimate and added soft amber lighting for a warm glow.


Adrian Nastase Photography—-  George Jewell – Forget me Knodt

Chicago-Indian-Fusion-Wedding-Rookery_2674 Chicago-Indian-Fusion-Wedding-Rookery_2675 Chicago-Indian-Fusion-Wedding-Rookery_2676 Chicago-Indian-Fusion-Wedding-Rookery_2677 Chicago-Indian-Fusion-Wedding-Rookery_2678 Chicago-Indian-Fusion-Wedding-Rookery_2679 Chicago-Indian-Fusion-Wedding-Rookery_2680 Chicago-Indian-Fusion-Wedding-Rookery_2681 Chicago-Indian-Fusion-Wedding-Rookery_2682 Chicago-Indian-Fusion-Wedding-Rookery_2683 Chicago-Indian-Fusion-Wedding-Rookery_2684 Chicago-Indian-Fusion-Wedding-Rookery_2685 Chicago-Indian-Fusion-Wedding-Rookery_2686 Chicago-Indian-Fusion-Wedding-Rookery_2687 Chicago-Indian-Fusion-Wedding-Rookery_2688 Chicago-Indian-Fusion-Wedding-Rookery_2689 Chicago-Indian-Fusion-Wedding-Rookery_2690 Chicago-Indian-Fusion-Wedding-Rookery_2691 Chicago-Indian-Fusion-Wedding-Rookery_2692 Chicago-Indian-Fusion-Wedding-Rookery_2693 Chicago-Indian-Fusion-Wedding-Rookery_2694 Chicago-Indian-Fusion-Wedding-Rookery_2695 Chicago-Indian-Fusion-Wedding-Rookery_2696 Chicago-Indian-Fusion-Wedding-Rookery_2698 Chicago-Indian-Fusion-Wedding-Rookery_2699 Chicago-Indian-Fusion-Wedding-Rookery_2701 Chicago-Indian-Fusion-Wedding-Rookery_2702 Chicago-Indian-Fusion-Wedding-Rookery_2703 Chicago-Indian-Fusion-Wedding-Rookery_2704 Chicago-Indian-Fusion-Wedding-Rookery_2705 Chicago-Indian-Fusion-Wedding-Rookery_2706 Chicago-Indian-Fusion-Wedding-Rookery_2707 Chicago-Indian-Fusion-Wedding-Rookery_2709

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Felipe & Lindsay, Room 1520 Wedding Ceremony

May 21st, 2014

This beautiful couple hosted their wedding at the chic Room 1520 in the West Loop. The classic, elegant, minimal yet romantic style was perfectly set among the white washed walls. Our team softened the white of the room with a romantic hue of amber, uplighting the walls, fabric drapings and structural columns found throughout the space. As guests walked in, the were greeted with a flowing crepe fabric that functionally hid the coat check and aesthetically added a touch of elegance and height to the space. The crisp, white ceremony backdrop created a focal point in the room for all of the guests to witness the exchanging of vows between Felipe an Lindsay.  The beautiful, early-Spring wedding was a truly elegant event with a showing of baby’s breathe throughout the ceremony, provided by our friends at Fleur. Thank you Katie Kett Photography for these beautiful images of such a beautiful couple!

Room 1520 // Art of Imagination // Katie Kett Photography // Fleur // Room-1520-Wedding-Altar-Backdrop_2490 Room-1520-Wedding-Altar-Backdrop_2491 Room-1520-Wedding-Altar-Backdrop_2492 Room-1520-Wedding-Altar-Backdrop_2493 Room-1520-Wedding-Altar-Backdrop_2494

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Valane & LaTrina’s Wedding Trailer Video

May 14th, 2014

The photos aren’t ready just yet, but we wanted to share with you this beautiful video from Valane + LaTrina’s wedding from Styler’s Studio.  We can’t say enough how truly amazing this wedding couple was to work with. LaTrina is such a beautiful bride inside and out!

Valane + LaTrina’s Wedding Trailer from Styler’s.Studio on Vimeo.

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Sarah & Sam, Loft on Lake

May 7th, 2014

Sarah & Sam’s wedding at Loft on Lake was an elegant mix of urban chic and natural enchantment. The couple was very inspired by nature. In fact, when they met at our design studio for the first time, Sam completely fell in love with our birch tree branches. It was love at first sight! The mid-winter wedding lent itself to the season decor of LED, twinkle lights among the tree arch and swags of ivory fabric overhead during the ceremony. Being eco-conscious, we repurposed the tree arch along the brick wall to create a focal point for the sweet heart table during their reception. It was a magical night!

Vendors: Loft on Lake // SQN Events // Art of Imagination // Hearty Boys

Loft-On-Lake-Wedding-Chicago_2312 Loft-On-Lake-Wedding-Chicago_2313 Loft-On-Lake-Wedding-Chicago_2314 Loft-On-Lake-Wedding-Chicago_2315

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