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Paper Crane Ceremony

November 13th, 2014

Wedding Ceremonies are getting more and more creative… and we love it! One of our most recent couples, Heather and David, worked with our designers to create a personalized wedding structure. The custom ceremony backdrop included soft voile linens draped behind a wall of more than 300 paper cranes. The origami birds represented part of the brides’ culture and heritage.

To complete the runway look, organic florals and pedestals were placed as anchors on both sides of the aisle. We also placed large paper lanterns high above the aisle, creating a playful sense as guests walked in.

AOI-Paper-Crane-Wedding-Ceremony1 AOI-Paper-Crane-Wedding-Ceremony2 AOI-Paper-Crane-Wedding-Ceremony3 AOI-Paper-Crane-Wedding-Ceremony4 AOI-Paper-Crane-Wedding-Ceremony5

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