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Intimate Dinner at Stan Mansion

April 6th, 2015

Art of Imagination loved creating this intimate dinner at the Stan Mansion. The room was much larger than what was desired for this intimate affair, so we designed a space focused on the dining experience and the guests themselves. We started with a large square table scattered with mercury glass candles throughout, and paired with stunning crystal candelabras.

The lighting was key in bringing everything together, we lit the surrounding wall with a leaf pattern that created a softness to the overall feel. The ceiling above the guest were strung with Italian globe lights that were hung from posts covered in fabric. Our team added fresh curly willow branches and greenery to the upright poles to create more of an enchanting indoor/outdoor experience.

// Vendors // 
// Venue: Stan Mansion // Event Styling & Lighting: Art of Imagination //
// Photos by Deborah // Flowers: Juliet Tan Floral //



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HubStudio Loft Opening

February 25th, 2015

If you haven’t heard, HubStudio Loft in the West Loop of Chicago just opened! Art of Imagination was able to design a space in this unique venue that offers different floors (levels) that can be utilized for the same event. They even have a room, where we created the winter wonderland that has a curved inset all white wall that can be used as a green room for video or photo production. Overall it is a very versatile space, exactly the type of venue that we love to design for couples.

For the opening of HubStudio Loft approached us wanting a celebration of all the seasons. Winter can be tough on everyone in Chicago, they felt like this time of year everyone is desperate for a little break from the cold and we couldn’t agree more! They thought it would be a fun way to shake things up a bit and would show off how different each of the spaces within the venue is.

We worked off this to create our winter wonderland design, we started with sky blue uplighting to give set the room in a blue hue. We included white branches with led lights to create that sparkle feel in winter. In the walkway area we hung strands of cafe lights on dimmers in order to create that indoor outdoor feel. For the final touches we cast down blue shadows of winter tree branches it truly was a winter wonderland and all that HubStudio Loft wanted for their first grand reveal!

This venue is perfect for a couple looking for an open space to create and design their dream wedding! We are looking forward to spring when we can see all their outdoor space will bring to Chicago couples!

Wedding-Design-Art-Imagination-Chicago_0387 Wedding-Design-Art-Imagination-Chicago_0413 Wedding-Design-Art-Imagination-Chicago_0412 Wedding-Design-Art-Imagination-Chicago_0411 Wedding-Design-Art-Imagination-Chicago_0410 Wedding-Design-Art-Imagination-Chicago_0409 Wedding-Design-Art-Imagination-Chicago_0408 Wedding-Design-Art-Imagination-Chicago_0407 Wedding-Design-Art-Imagination-Chicago_0406 Wedding-Design-Art-Imagination-Chicago_0405 Wedding-Design-Art-Imagination-Chicago_0404 Wedding-Design-Art-Imagination-Chicago_0403 Wedding-Design-Art-Imagination-Chicago_0402 Wedding-Design-Art-Imagination-Chicago_0401 Wedding-Design-Art-Imagination-Chicago_0400 Wedding-Design-Art-Imagination-Chicago_0399 Wedding-Design-Art-Imagination-Chicago_0398 Wedding-Design-Art-Imagination-Chicago_0397 Wedding-Design-Art-Imagination-Chicago_0396 Wedding-Design-Art-Imagination-Chicago_0395 Wedding-Design-Art-Imagination-Chicago_0394 Wedding-Design-Art-Imagination-Chicago_0393 Wedding-Design-Art-Imagination-Chicago_0392 Wedding-Design-Art-Imagination-Chicago_0391 Wedding-Design-Art-Imagination-Chicago_0390 Wedding-Design-Art-Imagination-Chicago_0389 Wedding-Design-Art-Imagination-Chicago_0388

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Olson Communication’s 2014 Holiday Event

January 27th, 2015

Warm amber lighting casted tropical leaf patterns within the office and created an enchanting night for Olson Communications. Each year, the event reflects travels and worldly inspiration curated by the owner. The guests entered into a world of Turkish delights. They were greeted with visual flavors of sky blues, glistening gold and warm ambers. Flowing fabrics created a Cabana type structure accented with water wave reflections – enhancing the theme of “Feztival of Turkish Delights”.

An existing conference table became a stunning Grand Bazaar of a Turkish foods by Entertaining Company. A sign reading “Festival of Turkish Delights” hung over the table, which was surrounded by an array of Moroccan lanterns and richly colored glass, setting the ambiance for the night.

// Venue: Olson Communications // Event Design: Art of Imagination //
// Caterer: Entertaining Company //

Chicago-Holiday-Decor-Corporate-Event-Art-Of-Imagination_0738 Chicago-Holiday-Decor-Corporate-Event-Art-Of-Imagination_0739 Chicago-Holiday-Decor-Corporate-Event-Art-Of-Imagination_0740 Chicago-Holiday-Decor-Corporate-Event-Art-Of-Imagination_0741 Chicago-Holiday-Decor-Corporate-Event-Art-Of-Imagination_0742


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2014 Corporate Holiday Party

January 15th, 2015

Guests entered through a long hallway, leading into the 6th floor event space. They then encountered swags of globe lights shimmering between winter garland adorned with natural berries and acorns. The whole setting was very enchanting! It was the 2014 Holiday Party for employees and guests of a large Chicago corporation.

Art of Imagination was fortunate to work with these clients, creating a magical winter garden with a three-piece band, passed hors d’oeuvres, and elegant cocktails. To help with the room’s flow, we placed both high-top tables and cabaret rounds throughout the space, all featuring fresh greens and candles.  The VIP tables also included special floral arrangements with fresh winter florals, berries, and snowy branches. It was a beautiful event, and we were thrilled to be a part of it.

// Venue: Company Offices // Event Production: Art of Imagination //
// Catering: Wolfgang Puck // Photos: Carasco Photography //






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Corporate Holiday Party at The House of Blues- Chicago

December 23rd, 2013

Holiday parties are a festive way to celebrate your employees and all of their hard work throughout the year. To complete your celebration, it’s always fun to incorporate your branding into the design and decor of the event. For this particular event at Chicago’s House of Blues, we added the company’s logo within the dramatic lighting with the use of gobo lights. For an added touch, we lit up the bar and added their logo to the front.

Guests walked through the venue’s multiple rooms, each distinct yet cohesive with the coloring and table decor. To celebrate the winter season, we added snowflake light patterns throughout the dining area where guests enjoyed special musical guest, John Mayer. It was a magical night for all!

Art-Of-Imagination-Corporate-Holiday-Party-Decor_0554 Art-Of-Imagination-Corporate-Holiday-Party-Decor_0555 Art-Of-Imagination-Corporate-Holiday-Party-Decor_0556 Art-Of-Imagination-Corporate-Holiday-Party-Decor_0557 Art-Of-Imagination-Corporate-Holiday-Party-Decor_0558 Art-Of-Imagination-Corporate-Holiday-Party-Decor_0559 Art-Of-Imagination-Corporate-Holiday-Party-Decor_0560 Art-Of-Imagination-Corporate-Holiday-Party-Decor_0561 Art-Of-Imagination-Corporate-Holiday-Party-Decor_0562 Art-Of-Imagination-Corporate-Holiday-Party-Decor_0563 Art-Of-Imagination-Corporate-Holiday-Party-Decor_0564 Art-Of-Imagination-Corporate-Holiday-Party-Decor_0565 Art-Of-Imagination-Corporate-Holiday-Party-Decor_0566 Art-Of-Imagination-Corporate-Holiday-Party-Decor_0567 Art-Of-Imagination-Corporate-Holiday-Party-Decor_0568 Art-Of-Imagination-Corporate-Holiday-Party-Decor_0569 Art-Of-Imagination-Corporate-Holiday-Party-Decor_0570 Art-Of-Imagination-Corporate-Holiday-Party-Decor_0571 Art-Of-Imagination-Corporate-Holiday-Party-Decor_0572

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Chez Crown 2013 at the Aragon Ballroom

May 13th, 2013

Earlier this year, we were part of the Chez Crown 2013 – the Arie Crown’s Got Talent event at the Aragon Ballroom. The event was a celebration of the Arie Crown Hebrew Day School and we were glad to have been a part of the event.

The famous and historic Aragon ballroom, built in 1926, was originally designed to replicate a Spanish palace courtyard, complete with crystal chandeliers, mosaic tiles, terra-cotta ceilings, balconies and beautiful arches. While the space is most famous for hosting huge concerts of up to 4,500 people, it also plays host to a wide array of events of every size. To accomodate this talent event, we brought in a wide array of light, using some of the tricks we learned from theatrical lighting to welcome the guests and create a stunning setting for the talent portion of the event.

Starts were a theme throughout, an idea we played up on with our light & decor. We used teal and blues matched to the luxe invites sent to each guests and tied it all together in the main ballroom. As part of the event, the restaurant sponsors set up booths in the hallway leading into the main space – in this area we lined the walls with a soft teal color, and projected stars all along the way to match the decor inside the ballroom.

Scroll through the photos below –

Aragon BallroomAragon BallroomAragon BallroomAragon BallroomAragon BallroomAragon BallroomAragon Ballroom

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Loft on Lake Evolutionary Enlightenment Book Launch

April 3rd, 2013

Loft on Lake hosts all kinds of events other than weddings. It’s played host to car launches, fashion shows, trade events and corporate meetings. It recently hosted a book launch by a renowned New Age author who chose the space to kick off a tour for his latest  book. The chose Loft on Lake for it’s flexibility and adaptability and wanted to have an event where the decor matched the look of the book cover.

We took that idea and ran with it, using blue and orange throughout the space. Our blue uplighting in the skylight and around the perimeter played off the orange brick and linen. For the entry we created a stunning display of blue satin, with orange sheer swags and even paper cranes hand-folded by our team that played off of the birds found on the cover of the book.

This was more than just a book signing, but a full-fledged multi-media event that included live music, a movie premiere, live art-making and food and drinks for the 200+ guests.

Scroll through for the images by Lofty Weddings.

Loft on Lake Book LaunchLoft on Lake Book LaunchLoft on Lake Book Launch
Loft on Lake Book Launch
Loft on Lake Book Launch

Lofty Weddings Inquire with Loft on Lake about their availability today.

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A Holiday Party at the Trump Tower Chicago

Last holiday season, Guggenheim Partners contracted our team to design and produce a holiday party at the Trump Tower Chicago, in the Grand Ballroom. The event had to be stunning and dramatic without becoming over-the-top. We were definitely up for the challenge and worked hand-in-hand with the planners on the client side in realizing this event.

Our part included a dramatic fabric entry for guests to pass through as they exited the elevators. Once inside, we created a display of tree branches with hanging crystals to frame the best view in the city and use it as a photo-op. Once inside, light blue perimeter lighting around the entire space and around the support column set the mood. We also brought in special lights to project falling snowflakes onto the dance floor and additional overall lighting washed the massive space in a matching blue color. To complete the look in the space, we brought in six glow bars with vinyl decals of snowflakes.

After months and months of meticulous planning, the event came to be and went off without a hitch. Nearly 400 guests sipped and mingled for several hours, enjoying our ambiance and decor.


This was our first event at the Trump Tower Chicago, but not the last – stay tuned for more of our work in this landmark venue.

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Room 1520 Corporate Holiday Party Video Slideshow

January 16th, 2013

This was a recent corporate holiday party we designed and produced at Room 1520. We loved working on this event enough that we also created this video slideshow for you to enjoy – take a look and share your thoughts in the comments.

You can see the photos used in the slideshow in this blog post. Photos by Vitaliy Vladimirov.

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Stan Mansion NYE Event Decor

January 3rd, 2013

The Stan Mansion is one of Chicago’s many weddding and event venues, where we are the exclusive vendor for all event production, decor and design. While we most often work with couples in producing their weddings and receptions,  for this NYE event decor, we kept in line with the Parisian elegance of the event.

The sold-out party was one of the most exclusive parties in the city. With delicious Hors D ‘Oeuvres and dinner served by D’Absolute Catering, the party featured multiple live performances and a premium top shelf open bar. Running late into the morning, the black tie affair drew hundreds of stylish attendees who filled the historic venue, taking in our NYE Event Decor and stunning feather centerpieces by Cattleya Bridal.Stan Mansion NYE Event Decor

Part of the NYE event decor included upgraded, custom 20-foot panels of luxurious crepe-back satin fabric that formed the VIP settings to both sides of the main room. To add more flair to the look, we projected soft swirls over the fabric.Stan Mansion NYE Event Decor Stan Mansion NYE Event Decor

The place settings were elaborate and crystal-laden – going with the elaborate, Parisian-flair of the overall event.Stan Mansion NYE Party Decor Stan Mansion NYE Party Decor

Be sure to visit venue’s website & book your event there today. Photos courtesy of D’Absolute Catering.

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Room 1520 Cool Corporate Holiday Party Decor

December 21st, 2012

In the winter months, our team of Event Production Experts are often called upon to be a part of corporate holiday party decor and we love the challenge. These events are always a fun challenge and this was no exception.

SAVO group brought us on board for their Winter-themed holiday party in the cool & minimal West Loop event venue, Room 1520. We played up the venue’s white walls with bringing in panels of semi-sheer imported fabrics and hundreds of cut hanging crystals. The crystals sparkled in the icy-blue up-lighting and washes that transformed the venue into a true winter wonderland.

We projected leafless winter branches over the bar by the entrance to set the mood. The rest of this corporate holiday party decor included ghost bar stools and sparkling crystal centerpieces with candles and winter greens. Crisp white lounge settings with glass tables and leather benches all throughout the venue completed the look.

Winter Holiday Party Winter Holiday PartyCorporate Holiday Party Decor Corporate Holiday Party Decor  Corporate Holiday Party DecorCorporate Holiday Party Decor  Corporate Holiday Party Decor Corporate Holiday Party Decor  Corporate Holiday Party DecorCorporate Holiday Decor

Deborah worked hand-in-hand with the client in realizing the vision for their event. Be sure to explore the rest of our corporate events and see our full range of event production and event design.

Venue: Room 1520. Photos by Vitaliy Vladimirov.

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Corporate Event Decor: Leo Burnett “LEOs” Awards

December 13th, 2012

Corporate event decor is just as diverse as the weddings and other private events we are so often a part of. For example, Leo Burnett, with offices in 80 plus countries hosts an annual award show at their Chicago headquarters to showcase the wide range of  their work and highlight some of the best design and advertising moments from the past year. For the past several years, we have been a part of this event – having worked closely with their team for the previous iterations, this year’s event was completely redone, providing a fresh challenge to showcase the many areas of work in a matter that was consistent with past presentations.

The red and black fabric allowed the presented work to shine, while the red carpet added a sense of elegance to the fun, multi-day event. We enjoyed being a part of this celebration of creativity and imagination and can’t wait to see what the Leo Burnett designers will have to share next year.

CorporateEventDecor-LeoBurnettCorporateEventDecor-LeoBurnett2 CorporateEventDecor-LeoBurnett1

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Leo Burnett Corporate Theme Party

November 30th, 2012

This was a corporate theme party to remember. Leo Burnett opted for a fun and unusual election-themed Halloween party at their office for all their creative designers. Playing off of the upcoming elections, the party was all about the dangerous, dark side of politics. We created “voting booths” where guests could vote by “bribing officials” – with proceeds supporting a local charity. There were cobwebs, rats and red tape everywhere. Even an animatronic Jason made an appearance, vying for votes!

Corporate Halloween Decor Corporate Halloween Decor Corporate Halloween Decor Corporate Halloween Decor

Photos by Vitaliy Vladimirov.

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