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Joel & Ashley, Loft on Lake

July 16th, 2014

Our team creates many events at Loft on Lake, but it was a true honor to be asked by the owner of the venue to take the lead on their son’s wedding. As personal friends of Deborah she offered her guidance with the planning process throughout. Joel and Ashley chose a very chic yet romantic feel with the style of the design. Their color palette was a minimal white, diffused soft amber, and an enchanting magenta purple hue that was introduced during the reception.

The team at Art of Imagination brought in romantic chandeliers, hung with more than 1,500 crystals beads. An extensive use of custom luxury draping adorned the walls to soften the space, creating a more minimal and delicate look to the urban loft setting.

The ceremony had a etherial glow especially with the existing overhead skylight for Ashley and Joel to exchange their vows. As the room changed over for the reception the energy emerged from the magenta lighting and the 100 hanging candles floating over the dance floor. It was such a pleasure to create for them and to have the bride express her happiness with such love touched my heart…to have shared such a special moment meant so much to myself and our entire team!

Loft on Lake //  Art of Imagination //  Lofty Wedding Photography // J&L Catering // Juliet Tan Floral Design // Luscious Layers // Style Matters // KGA Garrett Associates

Chicago-LoftOnLake-Wedding-Decor-Coordination_2750 Chicago-LoftOnLake-Wedding-Decor-Coordination_2751 Chicago-LoftOnLake-Wedding-Decor-Coordination_2752 Chicago-LoftOnLake-Wedding-Decor-Coordination_2753 Chicago-LoftOnLake-Wedding-Decor-Coordination_2766 Chicago-LoftOnLake-Wedding-Decor-Coordination_2770 Chicago-LoftOnLake-Wedding-Decor-Coordination_2754 Chicago-LoftOnLake-Wedding-Decor-Coordination_2769 Chicago-LoftOnLake-Wedding-Decor-Coordination_2767 Chicago-LoftOnLake-Wedding-Decor-Coordination_2755 Chicago-LoftOnLake-Wedding-Decor-Coordination_2756 Chicago-LoftOnLake-Wedding-Decor-Coordination_2757 Chicago-LoftOnLake-Wedding-Decor-Coordination_2758 Chicago-LoftOnLake-Wedding-Decor-Coordination_2759 Chicago-LoftOnLake-Wedding-Decor-Coordination_2760 Chicago-LoftOnLake-Wedding-Decor-Coordination_2761 Chicago-LoftOnLake-Wedding-Decor-Coordination_2762 Chicago-LoftOnLake-Wedding-Decor-Coordination_2763 Chicago-LoftOnLake-Wedding-Decor-Coordination_2771 Chicago-LoftOnLake-Wedding-Decor-Coordination_2764 Chicago-LoftOnLake-Wedding-Decor-Coordination_2765 Chicago-LoftOnLake-Wedding-Decor-Coordination_2772 Chicago-LoftOnLake-Wedding-Decor-Coordination_2773 Chicago-LoftOnLake-Wedding-Decor-Coordination_2774

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Sarah & Sam, Loft on Lake

May 7th, 2014

Sarah & Sam’s wedding at Loft on Lake was an elegant mix of urban chic and natural enchantment. The couple was very inspired by nature. In fact, when they met at our design studio for the first time, Sam completely fell in love with our birch tree branches. It was love at first sight! The mid-winter wedding lent itself to the season decor of LED, twinkle lights among the tree arch and swags of ivory fabric overhead during the ceremony. Being eco-conscious, we repurposed the tree arch along the brick wall to create a focal point for the sweet heart table during their reception. It was a magical night!

Vendors: Loft on Lake // SQN Events // Art of Imagination // Hearty Boys

Loft-On-Lake-Wedding-Chicago_2312 Loft-On-Lake-Wedding-Chicago_2313 Loft-On-Lake-Wedding-Chicago_2314 Loft-On-Lake-Wedding-Chicago_2315

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2014 Wedding Trends: Rustic Elegance

February 4th, 2014

So many of our brides at Art of Imagination have a whimsical yet earthy wishlist for their wedding day. The ideal style for them would be a Rustic Elegance, the perfect combination of strong neutrals, worn metals, and flowing florals.

Everything starts with the dress! Jenny Yoo’s 2014 bridal collection includes many dresses that we absolutely love, yet the Vionnet dress couldn’t be more perfect for our Rustic Elegance theme. With lace cap sleeves, the dress features a V-neckline and a V-back in a unique Ivory lace with gold threading for a romantic and vintage look. A gold ribbon and detachable brooch pin sits at the natural waist adding detail to the dress. The skirt is fitted though the hips and then leads to a full skirt made of Tulle and Organza adding volume.

Adding to the ethereal theme, a crown of sweet flowers with an abundant bouquet of greens and ivories were provided by Juliet Tan Florals. Our bride is standing in front of a unique wedding structure designed by Deborah and her team. The woodsy arch features mini white lights and a small window pane hanging just behind. The picture perfect setting transforms from ceremony to reception as a place for photo ops (including a rustic bench from Tablescapes Party Rental) or a background setting for an intimate sweetheart table.

As we mentioned earlier, rustic and worn metals compliment the theme and our designers created these beautiful moss-filled votives as accent pieces than could be placed throughout your event. Floral linen is another big trend for 2014. If a full table linen is too much for you, accent a place card table or gift table with a table runner in a muted tone-on-tone pattern.

Need the perfect venue for your own Rustic Elegance event? Our venue specialists would be happy to share with you the great options that Chicago has to offer. Loft on Lake, located in the West Loop, has the perfect amount of charm for this look.

Art-Of-Imagination-2014-Wedding-Trends_1406 Art-Of-Imagination-2014-Wedding-Trends_1407 Wedding-Trends-Bridal-Gowns-Decor-Chicago_1331Wedding-Trends-Bridal-Gowns-Decor-Chicago_1332


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Loft on Lake Evolutionary Enlightenment Book Launch

April 3rd, 2013

Loft on Lake hosts all kinds of events other than weddings. It’s played host to car launches, fashion shows, trade events and corporate meetings. It recently hosted a book launch by a renowned New Age author who chose the space to kick off a tour for his latest  book. The chose Loft on Lake for it’s flexibility and adaptability and wanted to have an event where the decor matched the look of the book cover.

We took that idea and ran with it, using blue and orange throughout the space. Our blue uplighting in the skylight and around the perimeter played off the orange brick and linen. For the entry we created a stunning display of blue satin, with orange sheer swags and even paper cranes hand-folded by our team that played off of the birds found on the cover of the book.

This was more than just a book signing, but a full-fledged multi-media event that included live music, a movie premiere, live art-making and food and drinks for the 200+ guests.

Scroll through for the images by Lofty Weddings.

Loft on Lake Book LaunchLoft on Lake Book LaunchLoft on Lake Book Launch
Loft on Lake Book Launch
Loft on Lake Book Launch

Lofty Weddings Inquire with Loft on Lake about their availability today.

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Chicago Event Venues: Loft on Lake

January 14th, 2013

There are so many amazing, unique and interesting Chicago event venues, we never get tired of talking about them. All across the city couples and clients will find spaces of every shape and size and look for whatever their vision may be.

Loft on Lake is a great example, because as a blank canvas of a space, no matter what the client’s visions may be, the space allows for all kinds of customization as far as the look and feel of an event. Popular with weddings, the space is also an ideal location for many kinds of corporate events. Most recently, the venue hosted fashion shows, car launches, holiday parties, and luncheons. Below is a recent corporate themed party we produced at the venue for “CEOs Around the World”

“Roarin’ Chicago” was the theme – and we provided the layout and setting by bringing in light, fabrics and props to set the mood for the guests. We guided the client to the optimum placement and overall design of the event – for example we insisted they bring in red velvet tablecloths – the unusual touch was a big hit with the guests.

Chicago Event Venues: Loft on LakeChicago Event Venues: Loft on Lake

Our floral partner, Cattleya Bridal & Floral Design created the stunning ostrich feather centerpieces that gently swayed in the breeze created by the fans. We also brought in the candle-lit bar backsplash and the L-shaped curved, leather-lined black bar – also a big hit with the guests.Chicago Event Venues: Loft on Lake

Can you then see why It’s hard to believe the above space is the same as below – with the soft amber lighting and the minimal decor, but there are the beams and the trademark skylight. Below, are three separate recent weddings and receptions at the venue that featured our work.Chicago Event Venues: Loft on Lake Chicago Event Venues: Loft on Lake Chicago Event Venues: Loft on Lake

We love this last shot of an aisle. The soft, romantic glow and the elegant touches are stunning, and the very opposite of the corporate event at the top. Corporate event photos by Vitaliy Vladimirov. Wedding photos courtesy of Lofty Weddings Photography.

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West Loop Wedding Venues Roundup

January 3rd, 2013

The West Loop, as the name suggests, is located directly west of Chicago’s downtown core. Where once the area was home to an endless number of factories and warehouses, today the neighborhood is well-known for the way art galleries, some of the city’s top restaurants, such as Girl and the Goat and Publican and meat-packing plants all mix and mingle as more and more empty old brick buildings are converted into luxurious lofts. Less known is how the area is also home to a surprising number of wedding venues.

These West Loop wedding venues, listed in no particular order, are all a perfect match for urban couples looking for something unexpected or unconventional for their Special Day. Over the years we have worked with all of them and wanted to share with you all of these unique wedding venues.


Loft on Lake

This West Loop wedding venue is a great way to start our list – an elegant and refined space, it is distinctly warm thanks to it’s exposed brick and vintage timber beams. The venue’s centerpiece is a sweeping, 65′-long skylight that floods the Loft with light during the day and makes it an ideal choice for hosting a ceremony. Having hosted hundreds of events since it’s inception in 2009, Loft on Lake joined the Green Wedding Alliance, giving couples looking to “Green” their Special Day. Explore our work at this venue. Visit their website.

West Loop Wedding Venue

Room 1520

Just a little over a year ago, this West Loop wedding venue was a virtual unknown but in just a year, it’s modern and minimal aesthetic has charmed Chicago couples who have flocked to the venue to experience it’s clean lines, crisp white walls and a flair for the unexpected, as each couple tends to truly transform the space for their weddings. See more of our work at this venue. Visit their website.


Galleria Marchetti

This venue has been a well-known wedding and event venue for many years – even with the spate of recent venue options popping up in the West Loop, the Galleria has everged stronger than ever, hosting dozens of gorgeous weddings that give urban couples the best of both worlds: an urban setting, a lush outside area the flexibility of customizing their events as they see fit. See more images from the gorgeous purple-tinged reception at this space here.  Visit their website.

West Loop Wedding Venue - Salvage One

Salvage One

Among west loop wedding venues, Salvage One is perhaps most recognized – for years also functioning as a vibrant architectural artifact resale store – the lower level of the building supplies some of the city’s most stylish with unusual and historic elements from all around the world. The rambling setting plays host to wedding and receptions – with ceremonies in the fun outside fountain area and the receptions in the exposed and airy upstairs. Visit their website.

West Loop Wedding Venue - Ignite Glass

Ignite Glass Studio

Ignite Glass Studio is the newest addition to West Loop’s wedding venue scene – this recently opened space is a functioning glass and art factory, where dozens of artists create beautiful and intricate artworks. We hope future Chicago couples are inspired by the space’s creative pedigree and open & flexible layout for their events.

Kitchen Chicago - West Loop Venue

Kitchen Chicago

Kitchen Chicago may be, even among west loop wedding venues, a somewhat unexpected choice, considering it’s also a functioning shared kitchen space for a number of local bakeries and other businesses. With the right touches, however, the space is transformed into a warm and intimate space that is ideal for couples looking to have a really personal experience in a unique space, without breaking the bank. Visit their website.

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Loft on Lake Civil Union Decor

December 17th, 2012

The civil union decor at this Loft on Lake event was soft, romantic, with a slight touch of rustic elegance. The two gorgeous brides had a strong vision when it came to their event decor and were so sweet and gracious every step along the way.

Their “first-peek” was touching for everyone – both teared up at once and all through the evening, the ceremony and reception were filled with touching moments such as these that really made this event special.

Aside from building the forty-foot wall of crepe-back satin fabric, we gave the space extra warmth with soft amber uplighting and touches color and light throughout. For the reception, we added draping at the back of the space to create a clean look with a branch GOBO projection that matched the couple’s aesthetic.

CivilUnionCeremonyCivilUnionDecor-Reveal CivilUnionDecor-Ceremony1 CivilUnionDecor-HonestFoods  CivilUnionDecor-TableDecorCivilUnionDecor-LoftonLake

Photos by Lofty Weddings Photography. Courtesy of Loft on Lake. Catered by Honest Foods.

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Loft on Lake Chicago Civil Union Decor

December 13th, 2012

Loft on Lake in Chicago’s artsy West Loop neighborhood is such a unique, urban venue, that it only makes sense that it would host a civil union just within months of the law’s passing in Illinois. The owners, Cher and Steve Garrett have always been proud marriage equality supporters, even helping found the Stand Up project recently. For this civil union, the couple opted for a 40′ wall of fabric that ran the length of the entire space.

After the short but touching ceremony, the two grooms performed a Unity Candle ceremony and while the guests cockailed in the front space, took pictures all around the West Loop. For their reception, the pair had us transform the space using dark blues to match the look of their union. To bring warmth back into the open loft venue, we used GOBO projections of leaves and branches in an ambre shade of orange to add texture to the space.

We had a lot of fun working with this lovely couple and we were thrilled to be part of their Special Day!


Photos by Lofty Weddings Photography. Courtesy of Loft on Lake. Catered by Hearty Boys.

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