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Loft on Lake Evolutionary Enlightenment Book Launch

April 3rd, 2013

Loft on Lake hosts all kinds of events other than weddings. It’s played host to car launches, fashion shows, trade events and corporate meetings. It recently hosted a book launch by a renowned New Age author who chose the space to kick off a tour for his latest  book. The chose Loft on Lake for it’s flexibility and adaptability and wanted to have an event where the decor matched the look of the book cover.

We took that idea and ran with it, using blue and orange throughout the space. Our blue uplighting in the skylight and around the perimeter played off the orange brick and linen. For the entry we created a stunning display of blue satin, with orange sheer swags and even paper cranes hand-folded by our team that played off of the birds found on the cover of the book.

This was more than just a book signing, but a full-fledged multi-media event that included live music, a movie premiere, live art-making and food and drinks for the 200+ guests.

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Loft on Lake Book LaunchLoft on Lake Book LaunchLoft on Lake Book Launch
Loft on Lake Book Launch
Loft on Lake Book Launch

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