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HubStudio Loft Opening

February 25th, 2015

If you haven’t heard, HubStudio Loft in the West Loop of Chicago just opened! Art of Imagination was able to design a space in this unique venue that offers different floors (levels) that can be utilized for the same event. They even have a room, where we created the winter wonderland that has a curved inset all white wall that can be used as a green room for video or photo production. Overall it is a very versatile space, exactly the type of venue that we love to design for couples.

For the opening of HubStudio Loft approached us wanting a celebration of all the seasons. Winter can be tough on everyone in Chicago, they felt like this time of year everyone is desperate for a little break from the cold and we couldn’t agree more! They thought it would be a fun way to shake things up a bit and would show off how different each of the spaces within the venue is.

We worked off this to create our winter wonderland design, we started with sky blue uplighting to give set the room in a blue hue. We included white branches with led lights to create that sparkle feel in winter. In the walkway area we hung strands of cafe lights on dimmers in order to create that indoor outdoor feel. For the final touches we cast down blue shadows of winter tree branches it truly was a winter wonderland and all that HubStudio Loft wanted for their first grand reveal!

This venue is perfect for a couple looking for an open space to create and design their dream wedding! We are looking forward to spring when we can see all their outdoor space will bring to Chicago couples!

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