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Corporate Event Decor: Leo Burnett “LEOs” Awards

December 13th, 2012

Corporate event decor is just as diverse as the weddings and other private events we are so often a part of. For example, Leo Burnett, with offices in 80 plus countries hosts an annual award show at their Chicago headquarters to showcase the wide range of  their work and highlight some of the best design and advertising moments from the past year. For the past several years, we have been a part of this event – having worked closely with their team for the previous iterations, this year’s event was completely redone, providing a fresh challenge to showcase the many areas of work in a matter that was consistent with past presentations.

The red and black fabric allowed the presented work to shine, while the red carpet added a sense of elegance to the fun, multi-day event. We enjoyed being a part of this celebration of creativity and imagination and can’t wait to see what the Leo Burnett designers will have to share next year.

CorporateEventDecor-LeoBurnettCorporateEventDecor-LeoBurnett2 CorporateEventDecor-LeoBurnett1

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