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Olson Communication’s 2014 Holiday Event

January 27th, 2015

Warm amber lighting casted tropical leaf patterns within the office and created an enchanting night for Olson Communications. Each year, the event reflects travels and worldly inspiration curated by the owner. The guests entered into a world of Turkish delights. They were greeted with visual flavors of sky blues, glistening gold and warm ambers. Flowing fabrics created a Cabana type structure accented with water wave reflections – enhancing the theme of “Feztival of Turkish Delights”.

An existing conference table became a stunning Grand Bazaar of a Turkish foods by Entertaining Company. A sign reading “Festival of Turkish Delights” hung over the table, which was surrounded by an array of Moroccan lanterns and richly colored glass, setting the ambiance for the night.

// Venue: Olson Communications // Event Design: Art of Imagination //
// Caterer: Entertaining Company //

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