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50th Birthday at the Circus

June 23rd, 2014

After hosting so many home parties, Joe and Margaret wanted to have some fun and do things a little differently. With his big 50th birthday coming up it had to be something unique. They sat down with Deborah and brought a circus themed event to all new heights.

Fun Fact: Their house actually has an integral part in the Barnum and Bailey circus history!

After doing a walk through within the entire house and grounds she decided that it would be great to have the energy start immediately outside with the visuals and entertainment while also helping out with traffic flow. The guests usually enter from the front door but Deborah decided to have them enter from the side leading into a large tent on the back patio.  Her team enhanced the tent with red, white and back satin fabric panels with ambiance lighting with Led lights and cafe globe lights creating the energy from the moment they step inside.

From the tent, guests entered the home to find that each room was created with it’s own style and decor, featuring a fortune teller, concession stand, sweet buffet with novelty candies,  custom glow bars, highboy tables that lit up, and a food menu to match by the amazing culinary team at Boutique Bites. Some of our favorite decor pieces include the chandelier with ribbon streaming from all directions, and the room that hosted the famed fortuneteller.  Joe, his family, and guests had a great time celebrating this Ringmaster’s 50th Birthday!

50th-Birthday-Party-Circus-Themed_271250th-Birthday-Party-Circus-Themed_2714 50th-Birthday-Party-Circus-Themed_2716 50th-Birthday-Party-Circus-Themed_2713 50th-Birthday-Party-Circus-Themed_2717 50th-Birthday-Party-Circus-Themed_2715 50th-Birthday-Party-Decor-Chicago_2616 50th-Birthday-Party-Decor-Chicago_2617 50th-Birthday-Party-Decor-Chicago_2618 50th-Birthday-Party-Decor-Chicago_2619 50th-Birthday-Party-Decor-Chicago_2620 50th-Birthday-Party-Decor-Chicago_2623

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Easter Table Settings & Decor Ideas

April 9th, 2014

While the Spring season should be filling our days with sunshine, and blooming color… sometimes mother nature throws us a curve ball. This winter has been brutal and never-ending, but the Easter weekend and so many other Spring festivities are coming fast. So, we welcome bright color palettes, pastel trends, and the beginning of wedding season.

To get into the Spring spirit, our creative design team at Art of Imagination decided to let the light shine into Room 1520 and break out the china. The vintage china, of course. Similar to Friendsgiving, our team built an entire tablescape around the idea of hosting multiple friends for an Easter weekend dinner. We introduced a Spring color palette featuring a soft purple tablecloth with lavender, pink, soft butter yellow, and sage green details. The beautiful chinaware from Tablescapes resembles a pattern from the French Royalty, and compliments the beautiful colored glassware.

Our event planners  also came up with a few kid-like traditions that are sure to make your adult guests smile. Guests can dye eggs during the cocktail hour, to later be used as place cards on the table. A colorful candy buffet is not only a trend that’s booming, but also a great reason for guests to make up their own Easter baskets.

Special Thanks to our friends at Tablescapes and Private Label Linens for the beautiful tablecloths and napkins. Art of Imagination provided all chinaware, glasses, decor and liquor. And, a special thanks for these amazing photos by Room 1520’s own Stephen Hamilton for the photos!

Easter-Table-Spring-Party-Decor_1709 Easter-Table-Spring-Party-Decor_1710 Easter-Table-Spring-Party-Decor_1712 Easter-Table-Spring-Party-Decor_1713 Easter-Table-Spring-Party-Decor_1715 Easter-Table-Spring-Party-Decor_1716 Easter-Table-Spring-Party-Decor_1719 Easter-Table-Spring-Party-Decor_1720 Easter-Table-Spring-Party-Decor_1721 Easter-Table-Spring-Party-Decor_1723


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Basketball Party Ideas

March 18th, 2014

MARCH MADNESS is here!!! The brackets are announced; let the games begin! …and the party fun! Here are some of our favorite quick snack and party ideas to keep your own team of “players” happy throughout the tourney!

Bite-sized treats are the perfect snack, as you and your friends cheer on your team through the bracket. Mini-Sliders and Wings are the #1 crowd pleasers and hearty option with so much variety, from the meat to the toppings. The spread shown below features grilled chicken, bison, beef, and veggie sliders; the plethora of Wings from Output Lounge in Chicago.

Popcorn is another great option for a snack that packs a big punch! Serve the easy-to-make munchy in individual servings by using cute popcorn props from your local party store. Create your own signature mix or host an entire buffet of flavors, salts, and other great toppings. Chicago loves their popcorn so be sure to grab your favorite local variety at Garretts, Marianos, or Wells Street Popcorn.

Be sure to have some fun with the desserts! These basketball cake pops from  Elysia Root Cakes could feature your team name for a more personalized option! Display them in a unique way, like a handful of everyone’s favorite gummie worms!

The table decor was an easy DIY project, using plywood from Home Depot. Our team placed contact paper on it, and used a white marker to draw the lines of the court. Simple and Easy!!

Special Thanks to Output Lounge for the delicious menu! We’d also like to thank our friends at Elysia Root Cakes for the beautiful desserts. Art of Imagination provided all of the chinaware, glasses, decor and liquor.

March-Madness-Basketball-Party_1706 March-Madness-Basketball-Party_1707 March-Madness-Basketball-Party_1708

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Oscar Party Ideas with FOX Chicago

February 28th, 2014

This morning we joined the fabulous ladies and gents at Fox Chicago to showcase fun ideas and party tips for hosting your own Oscars viewing party at home. Inspired by Deborah’s favorite Best Picture nominee, American Hustle, we featured glitz, glam and all things retro! From swedish meatballs to long island ice teas, you guests will crossing their fingers along with Deborah and making American Hustle their favorite pick to win!

Special Thanks to The Caterist in Evanston and Juliet Tan Floral Design

Chicago News and Weather | FOX 32 News

Pics from Deborah’s Instagram:

Oscars-Party-FoxChicago01 Oscars-Party-FoxChicago02

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Oscar Party Ideas with WCIU’s You & Me in the Morning

February 27th, 2014

Deborah loves the lovely ladies at WCIU’s You & Me In the Morning, Melissa Forman and Jeanne Sparrow! We were so excited to join them this morning to talk about all things Oscars!!! For this home-party idea, we were inspired by three of this year’s Best Picture nominees: Gravity, American Hustle and Wolf of Wall Street. We let our inspiration guide us in decor, menu items and even at the bar.

Special thanks to The Caterist in Evanston!
Check out more of the cocktail recipes inspired by this year’s top movies here!

From Behind The Scenes:

Oscars-Party-WCIU-Chicago03 Oscars-Party-WCIU-Chicago04 Oscars-Party-WCIU-Chicago05

From Deborah’s Instagram:

Oscars-Party-WCIU-Chicago01 Oscars-Party-WCIU-Chicago02

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Red Carpet Cocktails!

Oscars-Party-Cocktails-Gravity_1584The Oscars are the perfect occasion to host a black tie cocktail party with your closest friends and family. Set the mood by offering a menu of drinks inspired by the movies nominated.


We recently met up with our friend, Andrea Metcalf to discuss What to Serve at Your Oscars Party! You can see more from that segment on her website,

Here are a few of our favorite concoctions inspired by this year’s Best Picture nominees:


Gravitational Pull

– Powdered Tang mix, to rim cocktail glasses
– Fresh squeezed lime juice
– 4 oz russian vodka
– 1 oz of blue curacao liqueur
– 1 oz prepared Tang

Use wedge of fresh lime to moisten the rim of two martini glasses. Then roll the rims in tang mix to coat. In a cocktail shaker, shake remaining ingredients with ice. Strain and serve in prepared cocktail glasses.

Royal Constellation

– 4 oz of Champagne of your choice
– 2 oz of elderberry liquer w splash of soda

Add the ingredients together. Voila! Once you add the splash of soda, try adding some crushed dry ice chips and watch the fun begin. Also illuminate with blue LED ice cubes.



Alexander (Brandy)

– 1 ounce Gin or Brandy
– 1 ounce Dark Crème de Cacao
– 2 ounces Heavy Cream
– Grated Nutmeg Garnish

Combine first three ingredients in a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake well. Strain into a martini glass. Garnish with nutmeg.



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Superbowl Party Ideas

January 28th, 2014

Superbowl Sunday is coming up fast and it’s time to grab your astroturf and masking tape… we’re making a table fit for a football champion.’s Andrea Metcalf stopped by Loft on Lake and asked our own, Deborah Weisenhaus to showcase some fun tips and tricks to decorate and enjoy a Super Bowl party of your own. We’ve posted a few quick shots here, but you can watch the entire segment at


With a few pieces of PVC pipe and some yellow paint, you can create a field goal to anchor your table top decor. Looking for a fun way to display your menu? Use chalkboard paint and markers to draw out the culinary game plan for the evening.

Food & Treats

Aside from decor, food is the all-important element to your Superbowl Party. Our team of designers teamed up with personal chef, Markus Ford to bring you a sophisticated menu chocked full of comfort food favorites, like a trail mix station. Guest can fill their own goodie bags full of popcorn, nuts, pretzel bits, mini chocolate candies and more to bring back to their front row seat for the big game (a.k.a. your couch)! Check out some of the great photos from our mini photo shoot with Andrea from Women’s Forum


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