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Sang & Frank’s Wedding at Room 1520

March 23rd, 2015

Sang and Frank came to our creative studio to meet with our designers for their Room 1520 wedding, and we were so happy to have met them!  They were such a delight to work with and their wedding featured artistic details at every turn.

The couple’s color palette was perfect for this all-white loft space, pairing a navy blue with pops of bright orange, purple, soft yellows and a natural undertone in all of the earthy details.  The place settings did not fail to impress with bright pink chopsticks and lovely natural toned menu cards.  The stationery pieces were some of our favorite details, the invitations were a custom spinning wheel in navy that gave all the detailed information as you spin the card.  We have never seen such a great way to invite your guests.  The stationery flowed into the centerpieces that were a mixture of earthy elements with a simplistic style.

Our designers created a beautiful lit backdrop that hung mini lights vertically to pair with the couple’s gift table. For the finishing touch, we included strings of Italian globe lights to add a romantic feel overhead.  The fun, earthy ambiance matched the couple perfectly, and the guests truly enjoyed celebrating with the couple, as did we!

// Vendors // 
// Venue: Room 1520 // Lighting & Fabric: Art of Imagination //
// Photos: Gerber and Scarpelli // Event Coordinator: JEM Weddings // DJ: CAS Music //
// Cinematography: WM-Films //

Room1520-Wedding-Design-Decor-Chicago_1118 Room1520-Wedding-Design-Decor-Chicago_1119 Room1520-Wedding-Design-Decor-Chicago_1120 Room1520-Wedding-Design-Decor-Chicago_1121 Room1520-Wedding-Design-Decor-Chicago_1122 Room1520-Wedding-Design-Decor-Chicago_1123 Room1520-Wedding-Design-Decor-Chicago_1124 Room1520-Wedding-Design-Decor-Chicago_1125 Room1520-Wedding-Design-Decor-Chicago_1126 Room1520-Wedding-Design-Decor-Chicago_1127 Room1520-Wedding-Design-Decor-Chicago_1128 Room1520-Wedding-Design-Decor-Chicago_1129

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Wedding Glossary: GOBO

October 19th, 2012

In today’s Wedding Glossary entry we cover the ever-present GOBOs or gobo. GOBO is a term derived from “GO BlackOut” or “Goes Before Optics” and is a template slotted inside, or placed in front of, a lighting source and used to control the shape of emitted light. Developed for use on film sets, the term “gobo” has come to generally refer to any device which produces patterns of light. It is typically a metal plate that is affixed to a light source, allowing the light to shine through particular portions, resulting in a displayed pattern or logo on a wall, floor or ceiling.

Gobo design and use is one of our many specialties. In terms of weddings and events, we use gobos constantly. One of the most common uses is, of course, when a couple requests to project their monogram on a wall or floor. Additionally, gobos are also perfect for adding texture and interest to an area using light. We have a library of custom patterns that we project on any surface, such as leaves or branches for a touch of softness or romance to a focal point.

Gobos are great for corporate events – they are an ideal means to project a logo or icon to make the event complete.

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