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Flower & Garden Show 2014

April 15th, 2014

This year, our Art of Imagination team was invited to partake in the Chicago Flower and Garden Show at Navy Pier. We were elated. if you have followed our brand, you know that we love finding and sharing inspiration. Whether it is in fashion, home decor, color trends, patterns or cultures of the world, our designers find inspiration everywhere. And we love to share our inspirations and inspire others.

For this particular vignette, we were inspired by nature and the appeal of greenery sprouting in the gardens. While it may seem that Spring will never truly come… or has possibly already passed us by, our designers embrace the au natural color palette and brought in Earthy textures like wood, moss and stone to complete the overall look.

We hope this table setting inspires you to bring in natural textures and plants to your dining room decor. If outside is looking bleak and white with snow, browse through these details and be inspired to put your green thumb to work indoors! The overall theme of the show was “Do Green. Do Good” and along those lines we incorporated many recyclable and repurposed details. This tablescape is created tapping into inspiration derived from nature and Deborah’s love of being “green.” Sustainability is the future for our society and using our “imagination” for innovative designs. From the fabric backdrop being 100% organic cotton to the table and floor designed from recycled and refurbished wood. The beautiful chinaware is an heirloom collection from her grandmother and the green plants and herbs are edible.

Special Thanks to Tuan Bui Photography for these darling photos.

Flower-Garden-Show-Chicago-2014_2290 Flower-Garden-Show-Chicago-2014_2291 Flower-Garden-Show-Chicago-2014_2292 Flower-Garden-Show-Chicago-2014_2293 Flower-Garden-Show-Chicago-2014_2294 Flower-Garden-Show-Chicago-2014_2295 Flower-Garden-Show-Chicago-2014_2296

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