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The Pittsfield Building Reveal!

February 12th, 2014

The Pittsfield Building is a brand new venue in the heart of Chicago. The building was built in 1927 and has since been recognized as an architectural marvel.

To showcase the venue in all it’s beauty, we were asked to join a team of Chicago vendors for a full day photo shoot. From vintage hair accessories from The Left Bank to handwritten wedding paperie from Courtney Callahan. Every detail came together beautifully for this Roaring 20s themed affair with the planning and coordination efforts of Chicago Vintage Weddings.

Our team at Art of Imagination brought together a special sweetheart lounge for the bride and groom to enjoy throughout their reception. The area was draped with luxurious ivory fabrics and included vintage furniture and accents.  To complete the look, soft amber lighting enhanced the romance in the air. Hope you enjoy the photos and the montage video too!

Vendors include: The Pittsfield Building // Art of Imagination // DwJohnson Studio // Chicago Vintage Weddings // The Left Bank Bridal Beauty and Accessories // Elysia Root Cakes // BHLDN // Fab Flora // Karen Marie Salon // Private Label Linens // Factor Women Models (Rachel W, Evie,and Adem) // Courtney Callahan // Hall’s Rental // Formally Modern Tuxedo

Art-Of-Imagination-Pittsfield-Building-Chicago_1428 Art-Of-Imagination-Pittsfield-Building-Chicago_1429 Art-Of-Imagination-Pittsfield-Building-Chicago_1430 Art-Of-Imagination-Pittsfield-Building-Chicago_1433 Art-Of-Imagination-Pittsfield-Building-Chicago_1434 Art-Of-Imagination-Pittsfield-Building-Chicago_1439 Art-Of-Imagination-Pittsfield-Building-Chicago_1442Art-Of-Imagination-Pittsfield-Building-Chicago_1422 Art-Of-Imagination-Pittsfield-Building-Chicago_1420 Art-Of-Imagination-Pittsfield-Building-Chicago_1421 Art-Of-Imagination-Pittsfield-Building-Chicago_1419 Art-Of-Imagination-Pittsfield-Building-Chicago_1423 Art-Of-Imagination-Pittsfield-Building-Chicago_1443Art-Of-Imagination-Pittsfield-Building-Chicago_1435 Art-Of-Imagination-Pittsfield-Building-Chicago_1436 Art-Of-Imagination-Pittsfield-Building-Chicago_1437 Art-Of-Imagination-Pittsfield-Building-Chicago_1438 Art-Of-Imagination-Pittsfield-Building-Chicago_1440 Art-Of-Imagination-Pittsfield-Building-Chicago_1441 Art-Of-Imagination-Pittsfield-Building-Chicago_1424 Art-Of-Imagination-Pittsfield-Building-Chicago_1425 Art-Of-Imagination-Pittsfield-Building-Chicago_1426 Art-Of-Imagination-Pittsfield-Building-Chicago_1427 Art-Of-Imagination-Pittsfield-Building-Chicago_1431 Art-Of-Imagination-Pittsfield-Building-Chicago_1432

Pittsfield Wedding Film from 25 West Weddings on Vimeo.

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